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Join T.CON at the International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper & Packaging 2022 in Madrid

The major global SAP Event for the mill industry from September 27th to September 29th 2022.

As an SAP gold partner, we are honored to be once again sponsoring the International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper & Packaging. This conference is the largest event of the paper and packaging industry and the only customer-centric event of its kind globally. Together with SAP, partners, and international industry experts, we present our latest SAP-based solutions. And our customers showcase their first-hand experience, how T.CON was able to help them handle the current market challenges.

Our solutions have been developed in close alliance with our customers to meet and tackle the main business challenges the paper and packaging industry is facing:

  • Inefficient processes: more efficiency through greater transparency in production control
  • Lack of materials: maximum throughput of the relevant cutting machines with minimum material loss enables an optimized use of scarce resources
  • Unplanned changes in production: react agilely and increase labor productivity with Flexible personnel scheduling
  • Skyrocketing prices of energy and raw materials: keep your costs under control at all times
  • Disrupted supply chains: adjust your logistics as fast as possible
  • Cyber attacks: keep your vulnerable IT and system landscape resilient

Unparalleled paper & packaging industry know-how and track record

of experience in the paper and packaging industry
SAP Recognized Expertise | T.CON

SAP SE certification “SAP Recognized Expertise in the mill products industry in Germany”

Pulp and paper industry expertise | T.CON

Pulp and paper industry expertise, developed over many years through numerous demanding projects for mill customers

Preconfigured industry solutions and templates for paper and packaging companies | T.CON

Preconfigured industry solutions and templates for paper and packaging companies.


With our MES CAT we create transparency on the shop floor in real time and ensure the uncomplicated connection and networking of all machines and aggregates (Internet of Things / IoT).


With our unrivalled TRIM SUITE, we ensure economical cutting planning and cost-saving cutting optimization.

Team of experts | T.CON

A dedicated team of experts

Our customers are our heroes!

We want to see them prevail, just like Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker and Frodo Beutlin. And just like them, they are all sent on a mission. On their journey, they face resistance, they meet mentors and helpers, but also opponents and obstacles. The difference: This is not fiction. This is business reality. This is the real world.

In recent years, this world has changed, though. Dramatically. Especially for the paper and packaging industry, which faces serious challenges. But unlike in cinema, we are not forced to sit tight and watch our heroes struggle. We can enable them to overcome their challenges.

At the SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper and Packaging 2022 in Madrid, we would like to share two hero stories of brave companies, their leaders and their teams with you.


Cyber War | T.CON

The Cyber war

January 7th, 2022. 1 am. T.CON´s monitoring team detects unusual activities on the systems of CPH, a longstanding customer. The on-call duty specialist is alerted. And as he logs himself into the CPH servers, he´s to read the line every IT administrator fears the most: “You have been hacked and your files were encrypted.”

Adrenaline is rushing. But everyone knows what to do. And they don't lose a second: Hans-Peter Aregger, CPH´s CIO, & René Kuhn, Head of IT, are contacted. Within record time, they force the attack on their 240 IT systems to a halt. Just to go on the offensive right away.

Register now, to experience a thrilling firsthand report of the attack at the SAP Conference in Madrid. Learn, how CPH was able to avoid a lengthy production stop. And find out, why an integrated SAP-landscape was vital in this battle.

To be up & ready. If need be.

If you can’t join, register here to watch the full story on-demand after the event.

Stormy water | T.CON

Stormy waters

Logbook of the captain: enormous market demand. Full order books!

Sounds great. But: Exploding energy prices. Disrupted supply chains. Lack of staff. Lack of resources. Skyrocketing costs for essential raw materials.

The paper and packaging industry is in troubled waters. Experts expect a market consolidation. We face the age of business Darwinism: survival of the most agile.

Such an environment needs real leadership. Learn from Koehler Group, the global market leader in the field of thermal papers and coasters, how to steer your organization through such a volatile and highly unpredictable market.

Dr. Jörg Padberg, Digital Coordinator Technical Division and Marco Bruder, Head of IZ, outfitted their ship – sorry, company – for this weather.

Learn from the best and get the full story at the SAP Conference in Madrid. If you can’t join, register here to watch the full story after the event.



Solutions and products tailored to the paper & packaging industry

We look forward to meeting you at the SAP Conference!

Team of experts | T.CON

Meet our experts virtually or in person and learn how we help our customers from the paper and packaging industry to handle business challenges successfully:


  • Visit our booth
  • Be a guest of one of our customer presentations
  • Meet our experts and secure your individual one-on-one free consultancy / quick tip session
  • Explore the conference content hub
  • Download one our whitepapers
  • Browse through more than 50 customer case studies, cross-industry workshops or keynote presentations in the conference agenda.

Highlights of the 2021 conference



The past year has thrown producers in the mill industry for a loop. At the International SAP Conferences for Forest Products, Paper and Packaging T.CON and others present best practices for the new normal...


Highlights of the 2018 conference

Our minds were blown by the vibrant atmosphere all these innovative, creatively thinking minds brought to the International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper and Packaging 2018.

'It was a great opportunity to meet interesting people of the industry, find out what their pain points are, what the vision for their business is and how SAP solutions can help achieve operational excellence', Bradley Robb (International Business Development Manager at T.CON) sums up the event.

Highlights Day 1 at the Conference: 

Highlights Day 2 at the Conference:

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