Who are our customers?

What do control and regulation systems, sports equipment and construction machines have in common? Committed entrepreneurs who are looking ahead. And T.CON.

We are dealing with customers from a variety of industries all over the world. They all trust in our professional competence and the awareness that we create maximum advantages and benefits for them. Satisfied customers repeatedly confirmed the high quality of our work and we are glad to point to a growing number of references. It also shows that we are able to handle different sectors and requirements. Successfully. It is this versatility which makes us different - always looking at the specific nature of each sector.


Business Intelligence

Erfurt & Sohn KG

Erfurt was planning their sales activities with the help of a sub system. This quite complicated planning was no longer up-to-date. Figures from the ERP system were not used and a synchronization of data was only with many efforts. T.CON provided the solution. On the basis of SAP BW, T.CON implemented the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for showing any planning scenarios with the help of different recognised standard algorithms. Available data from SAP ERP but also forecast figures provided by each business manager can create the basis for different planning scenarios. Our solution supports all associates to make their planning processes to run smoothly, efficient and transparent.

Steinbeis Papier GmbH

Innovation and tradition are not contradictions: Steinbeis Holding demonstrates that innovation and tradition go together and can be the key to success. In 2014, Steinbeis thoroughly began to check all production processes and identified need for improvement. With the implementation of T.CON’s MES Suite the work flows in the shop floor were optimized and run smoothly now. Our certified MES system ensures ideal interaction of SAP ERP and MES; the quality of production data could have been improved considerably with the solid data basis in MES. But how to manage and evaluate this growing amount of data? T.CON implemented a Big Data analysis tool based on Hadoop. Steinbeis now works with a tool which flexibly combines any process parameters in real time with the corresponding visualisation. Difficulties during the production process can be detected immediately so that measures can be taken if necessary.

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

For one of our most important long-term customers, we have been able to create considerable added values associated with their group reporting and were involved in the development of a group-wide BI strategy. On the basis of SAP BW, the implemented reporting tool working with flexible cubes for a detailed controlling was realized for many sections (e.g. sales). T.CON supported the roll-out of applications in the other companies belonging to BSH all over the world. T.CON’s BW based on HANA immediately convinced the company; the migration project could be finished in 2015. Latest dash boards created with the tools of the BO Suite (Business Objects) bring better understanding and readability of data. The MS PowerPoint based management presentation template with automated data updates is fully integrated and helps prevent both unnecessary mistakes and time-consuming work.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Zanders GmbH

SAP ERP on HANA implementation in five months

The producer of speciality papers Zanders had to face the challenge of a new modern ERP system and a new IT infrastructure after a carve-out of the company. The new independent company needed to keep the business going but required a flexible and innovative software for the future. In five months only, a preconfigured solution was implemented together with the SAP partner T.CON. The SAP software is run in T.CON’s computer center with the advantage that all 480 Zanders employees can completely concentrate on their core business.

Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co.KG

Reducing IT costs by consolidating IT infrastructure

Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a leading international supplier of high-quality, forward looking medical devices and hygiene products. With SAP ERP they could consolidate their IT landscape. The whole group of companies now has uniform and transparent IT structures; all flows of data and values are standardized. Valid key figures are necessary indicators for the current situation, core processes are faster and more efficient. SAP can fully document and follow all processes at any time; raw material and all components of each product can be traced back. This transparency is necessary also to meet with the compliance guidelines e.g. of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other international regulations.

Erfurt & Sohn KG

ERFURT & Sohn replaced 15 obsolete systems by SAP ERP

Whether ERP or PPS processes, financial accounting, maintenance, bonus payment or production data acquisition, Erfurt & Sohn was working with individual solutions and tools for many years. They now stopped the stand-alone solutions: The manufacturer of wall paper merged data and processes in SAP ERP and combined shop floor and business functions. 15 systems used until that time were replaced in one go. With this step Erfurt’s IT landscape and the data storage were consolidated. This is the ideal basis for properly map all flows of data, processes and values starting from the receipt of order, the shop floor till financial accounting and controlling: fully integrated and supported by IT.

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Manufacturing Execution System

delfortgroup AG

Production key figures at a glance

delfortgroup AG optimized their productionprocesses across the companywith the implementation of T.CON’s MES CAT Suite. Production workflows couldhave been improved and are even moreeffi cient now. The software is integratedseamlessly into the central SAP ERP system.A detailed analysis of latest key fi guresin production is possible at any timewith the smooth exchange of data betweenall applications. At the same timeSAP production orders are immediatelysent to every machine so that there is nodelay and production can be started. OurMES solution is installed locally; this increasesthe availability of machines.

Success Story

Kartonfabrik Buchmann GmbH

Cardboard producing company Buchmann optimizes processes and manages growth efficiently with SAP ERP and MES CAT

The introduction of SAP ERP and the seamless integration of T.CON‘s MES CAT Suite into SAP software increases the transparency of business processes at the cardboard producing company Kartonfabrik Buchmann. The manufactur- er of folding cardboard thus benefits from greater efficiency in business planning and smooth data exchange between ERP and MES. Production orders are now sent directly to the shop floor. In return, data from the production process flows into SAP ERP, which creates a clear view of the manufacturing processes. Losses can be better identified and reduced imme- diately.

Success Story

August Koehler Paper Group SE

Koehler is ready for Industry 4.0

Koehler implemented MES CAT all over the company and created an integrated solution for their production data acquisition. Production orders and any other goods movements are confirmed in real time and can be analysed immediately. In the context of Industry 4.0, they are working on follow-up projects in order to digitalise production more and more. All relevant machine data are analysed in real time in MES CAT and help production staff make decisions on solid figures. Even during production, production staff can intervene if necessary with the focus on reducing optimization times. With the application “Predictive Quality”, production can be run in compliance with quality specifications. Quality can be improved and scrap quantities reduced because all specifications can easily be checked and monitored.

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Product Lifecycle Costing

Pierburg GmbH

Pierburg as an automotive supplier is specialized on products for emission control, air supply and throttle valves. Purchasing prices need to be available for their complex part lists so that an efficient costing process can be guaranteed. Every project a customer asks for has to go through the individually defined gate structure. The flexible versioning makes it easy to compare gates or different production sites. The PLC Cockpit has created a global standard for decision-making in product costing all over the company.

LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH

The business unit “Flexpack” of LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH is a manufacturer for flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical, medical, food and cosmetics industry. Countless calculations for quotations need to be made. Every product has to be specified with its individual characteristic features. If there are any changes relevant to pricing, the recommended sales price will also change. Customers of “Flexpack” can place individual orders: whether a certain quantity or an alternative product is requested - with the PLC Cockpit they are able to supply the customers with special quotations immediately.

Voestalpine Stamptec GmbH

The automotive section of voestalpine group is dealing with stamped parts and welded components. The PLC Cockpit covers all different requirements the sales department has regarding a reliable CRM system for the automotive industry. For the calculations of any RFQ, the application includes the suitable semi-finished items and materials with different material price basis. The automated exporting of all calculated values into the corresponding cost breakdown (CBD) of the customers represents a tremendous gain.


Trim Optimization

Steinbeis Papier GmbH

Steinbeis Papier is one of the leading manufacturers in the paper recycling industry in Europe. For many years, they have been using SAP ERP and SAP APO for their supply chain. In 2015, T.CON’s TRIM SUITE was integrated and replaced the outdated solutions for trim optimization and an external MES system.

In 2015, T.CON’s TRIM SUITE was integrated and replaced the outdated solutions for trim optimization and an external MES system. TRIM SUITE is integrated as useful heuristics in the APO Detailed Scheduling. Cutting plans are seamlessly sent to the MES CAT system for starting production. Without any external interfaces, the full order-to-cash process can be done with standard applications by SAP and T.CON, based on 100 percent SAP technology.






delfortgroup AG

Delfortgroup is the world leader in design, development, manufacturing and promotion of thinner, more sustainable and tailor-made speciality papers for the tobacco industry, pharmaceutical and food industry. Delfortgroup AG is based in Traun (Austria). They also produce thin print paper for package information leaflets, religious literature and catalogues as well as label base paper and electrical insulation paper. With over 2,000 employees all over the world, delfortgroup has six production mills in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland and Vietnam with five subsidiaries in Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA and China.

Delfortgroup expanded its business in 2016: Mundet with operations in the USA and Mexico as well as delfortgroup printing services Inc. belong to delfortgroup now. TRIM SUITE was implemented in their site in the Czech Republic in October 2016. Product planning is made in a customized block planning in SAP ERP. Seamless integration of Trim Connector in ERP and planning processes so that best results can be achieved. Entire blocks of orders with up to 80 orders in one cutting plan are daily business. Cutting plans are seamlessly sent to the MES CAT system for starting production.


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