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T.CON is here to advise you.

High-quality products, real practical experience and creative solutions are our stock-in-trade. However, what really sets us apart is our consulting service. We explain how you can simplify your complex systems and identify where your operating ranges are lying idle. We show you how your resources can be deployed more effectively and how you can achieve vast improvements for moderate costs.  We haven’t just thought of every problem you may encounter – we have just the right suite of solutions to solve them!


There are numerous reasons to install business software. You need business software that reliably models core processes; that you can flexibly extend or integrate with other systems; furthermore, your business software should establish transparency around how goods and value flows  across your business at all times.


Custom development

If the standard processes and functionality or their extensions are not enough, custom software can be developed according to your exact needs. We have longstanding SAP experience; we understand exactly what the SAP product family can do. When the standard reaches its limits, customized applications and solutions can close the gaps.



We optimize your processes, utilize the full potential of your SAP system and extend your system to meet special requirements in your industry.



Company mergers and carve-outs are daily fare in our modern world. We see trends in some industry branches such as a focus on core competences, followed by diversifying again, and then yet another consolidation. What this means is that new companies have to be integrated into your corporate business software, or business specific units carved out.

SAP S/4HANA transition

T.CON: Your support for the next generation of SAP Business Suite and the digital world. SAP S/4HANA is a realtime ERP suite for the digital business.

System architecture

A modern ERP system is built from various components. You benefit from creating optimal links between these and integrating them into your existing IT system landscape. It is also becoming increasingly important to integrate systems across corporate borders. All in all, it’s no wonder that modern IT infrastructures are becoming so complex. Our team of experienced IT architects is here to guide you through this jungle of IT, to help you understand the big picture and identify which paths are worth following and which are just dead ends.


Strategic process consulting

Trying to consider IT systems, process, and company strategy separately simply ends up wasting money. IT projects with no clear business orientation lead nowhere – except to isolated solutions and the ruins of unused IT. The most successful IT projects are oriented to align with corporate objectives. This means taking a big-picture view of your strategies, processes and IT systems. We are a process designer, implementation partner and change manager. We think beyond the boundaries where others stop. Together with our customers.



What actually is digitalization? Is it a process or a destination? Where should you start on digitalizing your business? It can be a challenge to determine the answers to these important questions. We help you to find some clarity in the digitalization labyrinth, and work with you to develop your individual digitalization strategy.

We can't do everything. And because we admit that, what we do is what we're good at.

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