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What is digitization?

Following on from “Industry 4.0”, the buzzword “digitization” has been growing exponentially in popularity. We upload our bios to the Cloud and then are amazed by the perfectly tailored ads served to us by Google & friends. Numerous manufacturers of consumer products have known for a long time that there is good money to be made from data as a by-product. However, a random assortment of technical devices and software doesn't constitute digitization.

Digitization – The journey or the destination?

Digitization and the digital transformation are the talk of the town. However, digitization is not just a trendy word; it’s been part of our everyday life for a long time. In our private lives, we don’t think twice about sharing shopping lists on the go through a mobile phone app, while at work, we control machinery with a tablet or inventory through a mobile phone without batting an eye. Digitization is everywhere – in every company and sector. It is relevant to all departments: HR, production, quality control and even accounting with all its paperwork.


Where should you start with digitization?

Lots of small and medium-sized enterprises try and compare themselves with the Silicon Valley tech giants. For those companies, lots of digital technology is already part of daily life. But the clock ticks differently for SMEs: administrative processes don’t run smoothly, the value chain has missing links and media disruptions are common. Lots of time and money falls by the wayside. Administration, production, value chain analysis:

that’s where you can find and exploit your hidden potential. An inventory is essential. You can get some ideas about initial steps through value stream analyses, lean management and disruptive approaches (e.g. the “Kill your company” technique) – start with the low-hanging fruit! We will work with you to define goals and stay by your side throughout your journey.


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