Digiti­zation – Where to start?

Digitization – Where to start? - T.CON Team Consulting

Digitization – Where to start?

Foundation stones and preconditions for digitization

The term “digitization” is about so much more than just new technology, new apps and shiny interfaces. It’s about more than rethinking and updating individual processes or installing some software. But what is digitization really about? What’s absolutely vital is the desire and need to modernize and automate your workflows.

Your digitization strategy must be part and parcel of your corporate strategy. Defined objectives such as EBIT, profit and growth determine preconditions for the strategic orientation of your business. Based on these, you can define partial strategies, e.g. your IT strategy or strategies for individual departments.

Digitization is a tool that brings together systems, processes and humans equally. An iterative process requires your company to be prepared to innovate: a single action cannot set the strategy in stone for all time.

  • Corporate strategy
  • Digitization strategy
  • IT strategy
  • LOB strategy (Line of Business)
  • Adminstration
  • S/4HANA
  • Production

Don't get left behind. Your corporate strategy and digitization strategy go hand in hand. A construction company would never build a house without a solid foundation. Otherwise the house could shift, wobble or fall apart at any given moment. Yet companies try to reorient their business without making the IT landscape a part of their strategic planning. They often don’t consider software that can automate processes and thus create breathing space for employees to concentrate on the core business and business-promoting activities.


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