Innovation techniques

Innovation techniques - T.CON Team Consulting

Innovation techniques

Many roads lead to Rome – but which is the best route for businesses that want to commission tailored software or digitalize time-consuming processes?

There are various approaches. Classic project management drafts a detailed project plan as a basis, which is intended to remain as unchanged as possible – at least in theory. In practice, it is often adapted to the actual project as it progresses, incurring considerable planning costs. By contrast, innovative methods put the user at the center and use an iterative process to reach an optimal result as a team.

Of course, there’s no one method that is right for every situation. However, the “Design thinking” method has become established for complex problems in IT projects. With most traditional methods, it is not really possible to stand in the user’s shoes, and therefore to take user wants and needs fully into account, until after the software has been introduced.

By contrast, Design Thinkers work closely with their target group right from the start, presenting users with solutions based on tested and continually improved prototypes. The agile approach provides a way for interdisciplinary teams to approach topics creatively and systematically, in a solution-oriented way. Other innovative approaches and methods are “User Experience Design” and Scrum.

Whether you want to develop new business models or applications, optimize your processes or continuously improve products, one thing holds true: everyone comes from different starting points and will need approaches and methods matched to their business.

Our methods – Planned improvisation

From the initial idea to a clear solution: the image “Design Squiggle” by Damien Newman shows how chaotic the initial view of the project can be and how the process ultimately leads to a solution that all participants are happy with.



  • Develop usable solutions/products that are truly needed
  • Involve a variety of individuals, perspectives and viewpoints
  • Consider processes from the perspective of the users involved and design accordingly



  • Obtain and integrate feedback on prototypes and Proof of Concepts (PoCs), right from the design stage
  • Transition smoothly to development by extending user stories with click dummies from the prototypes

From the idea to the solution

Innovationsmethoden - T.CON Team Consulting

Along with design thinking as an innovative approach to our projects, we rely on the following methods:

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