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Machine Learning

How machines learn with the help of Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

We humans are used to continually gathering new experiences, extracting new knowledge, and accordingly learning from them. Machines, on the other hand, traditionally simply follow clear instructions without drawing their own conclusions from them. Machine Learning however equips IT systems to gather their own experiences, recognize patterns, and generate new knowledge from them.

As a basis, Machine Learning uses extracted data as well as a collection of predefined algorithms and framework conditions. As processor performance steadily increases, machines can nowadays evaluate vast quantities of largely unstructured data (text, images, sounds, etc.). They derive patterns, rules and risks to generate insights that can be applied to future problems and new datasets.

What are the advantages of Machine Learning?

The primary advantage of Machine Learning is the ability to automate activities involving unstructured data that used to be too complex for machines. For example, a camera in production can learn to automatically detect and separate out defective items. The device is trained to only separate out the defective items by issuing feedback when it makes an error. Using Machine Learning, it is also possible to develop systems that can make predictions from analyzed data and specify the likelihood of a particular event (cf. Predictive Analytics). Machine Learning systems can also identify patterns that can be used to optimize processes and define countermeasures for specific undesirable events.

Machine Learning in SAP: Custom tailored to your needs!

The SAP Leonardo ML Foundation makes a range of services available through the scalable SAP Cloud platform (SCP). They can be plugged in directly, configured and customized to individual requirements. The Machine Learning APIs can be easily integrated into standard or company-specific software. With SAP Leonardo, you can benefit from Machine Learning simply and efficiently.

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