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MES CAT - The cutting edge of production: Built first for production with all the advantages of SAP.

T.CON’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) CAT is a cutting edge manufacturing operations management system, which is both easy to understand for employees, and yet optimized to their daily work and responsibilities.

MES CAT has been designed from the ground up for the users in production. It is our philosophy that the tool must fit the user. Therefore, MES CAT has been designed from the ground up for the users in production. We ensure that they can fully concentrate on what they do best while guaranteeing no valuable data is lost. You don’t need to be an IT specialist to operate our MES solution. MES CAT is a production tool designed to make the most out of SAP functionality and not an IT tool that happens to be used for production.

Streamlining your internal operations whilst providing your company with full traceability. Our MES is designed to optimise planning, execution and control your production. It has the functionality and the flexibility to track how equipment is used and notify when it is due for maintenance. Saving valuable time and allowing our customers to make the most out of their production. The sales department in turn receives a holistic view of customer orders as well as the production status and availability of products.

Truly the newest generation MES. MES CAT is not only ready for the current technology but was built with the future in mind. It is a scalable MES based on SAP NetWeaver and can run on any combination of OS and database for SAP NetWeaver, including HANA, which SAP allows.

MES CAT - SAP Certified HANA - T.CON

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What can MES CAT do for you

Key Benefits

Key Benefits:

  • Enables fast, streamlined order processing
  • Short setup time and little downtime
  • Higher capacity and output
  • Fewer delivery delays
  • Guaranteed no deliveries of defective goods
  • Complete and proper product documentation
  • Transparent inventory management
  • Automated data entry by data connections to machines
  • Focus on quality and meeting specifications
  • Improved availability by preventive maintenance
  • Analytical viewpoint based on KPIs Intuitive, comfortable UI



  • Designed for companies producing items with many variants
  • Available on all work stations in the production process, improving daily practices and workforce collaboration - Integrates warehouse management
  • Indicates problems with input material
  • Suspends goods or WIP based on quality status
  • Associates errors and waste to their place of origin
  • Customers' material description can be included and listed
  • Transparent incoming goods functions for SAP ERP
  • All logs from incoming goods to production order are made adjusted
  • Collects and identifies incoming external material for further processing
  • Simplifies incoming goods processing by using mobile terminals
  • Inventory is automatically updated online (incoming goods and consumption) MES CAT from T.CON utilizes state of the art technology with full integration to control and monitor production in real-time.

MES Software

What if you could plan, manage and optimize your entire production with ease? That's exactly what our MES CAT solution stands for. We enable you to gain full transparency of your production processes available always at your fingertips, so you can focus more on your business goals. With T.CON's newest generation MES, you can achieve maximum efficiency.

MES Service

Designing your MES introduction, implementing, maintaining and supporting: We have your back and ensure your every need is covered from beginning to end! All the support around T.CON's MES CAT to meet

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