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MES CAT Functionality - T.CON

MES CAT - intuitive interaction with ease

A well-functioning team: MES system, user and workplace

With a user interfaces built for production and tailored to your specific needs, your users worldwide can intuitively navigate our MES CAT - saving you time and money.

Streamlined user interfaces allow for trouble-free operation: The users that interact with MES must be able to use it intuitively. They must be able to see at a glance what the applications requires them to do and which steps must be performed.

An employee who works at a machine has no time to understand the application. For this user, the data quality and efficiency during the interaction with the system has highest priority. Depending on the task area, only those functions relevant for the employee will be displayed. Avoiding clicks saves time and therefore money. Let our MES CAT convince you:

MES CAT User Experience and Usability - T.CON

User Experience and Usability

Our MES CAT - A system for the employee in production.

Production employees are regularly on the go and wear gloves. They must still be able to operate the system. Our touch operation and mobile end devices perfectly cater to the needs of employees in modern production plants. State of the art control concepts rely more and more on modern technologies such as voice control. The arrangement of the control elements and the display of information are dependent on the workplace and the tasks of the employee. Therefore, the employee only sees the information and safety references relevant for her/him. Clear user guidance ensures increased safety during all inputs.

MES CAT Language and technical lingo - T.CON

Language and technical lingo

A MES CAT tailored to YOUR multifaceted company culture.

Especially in multicultural environments, it is important to be able to switch between different languages. Changing languages in MES CAT could not be easier and can be switched on the fly. Specific terms, lingo or expressions can be adapted and tailored to your company culture. This means that your employees will immediately feel at home with phrases and terms that they know.


MES CAT Alert functions and tests - T.CON

Alert functions and tests

MES CAT clearly notifies and supports your employees in error cases.

In case of an error, your employee must immediately see that something is not right. Clearly visible alert windows immediately deliver detailed information. Displays with strong signal effects support your employee in such error cases. Plausibility and field tests prevent the posting of erroneous inputs or illegal values. Your production employee can truly focus on his task, because MES CAT has his/her back with all the information required. The system design phase takes place before the implementation of the MES system and therefore guarantees a smooth transition user acceptance.

The haptics of a software application has always had a major influence on the satisfaction of the user with their work environment. Technologies currently being developed allow for an ingenious freedom of design. The same application can even be used across different terminals. Therefore, a strong emphasis on haptics was placed on MES CAT from the start. The user interface of MES CAT can be configured very flexibly and therefore can be adapted to the requirements of the user and the output media.

The requirements of a touchscreen user interface are different from those of a terminal, PC or mobile terminal.

A GUI (Graphic User Interface) is not required in some applications, because the system must run completely automated. These factors must all be considered during development.

An MES system must always be designed with different viewpoints and ways of working in mind. Factors such as the end users and their workspace specific requirements, the task field itself as well as the industry and company specific specialties are thought of.

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