MES CAT Features

MES CAT Features

MES CAT offline capability

The connection to your central ERP server fails: Production grinds to a halt. Every minute that ticks by is lost money. This, or something like it, is the worst-case scenario for manufacturing businesses.

For international businesses with production sites scattered across the globe, it is vital that production continues in a stable manner — even during scheduled or unscheduled loss of connection to the central ERP system. In order to guarantee this, MES CAT has been designed in such a way that it can be used offline.

What is offline capability?

Offline capability means that even when the connection to the ERP system fails, MES CAT keeps working, recording and even storing data. Relevant information, such as order and production data, is also stored in the local MES CAT installation. As soon as the connection between MES CAT and ERP is reestablished, all the data is transferred automatically and seamlessly to the central ERP system, where it is booked in the correct order. Offline capability keeps your business completely independent from scheduled or unscheduled downtimes. This is especially important in 24/7 operations for saving time and costs and increasing production efficiency.

Unscheduled downtimes

An offline capable system can handle unscheduled downtimes — for example, when the connection to the ERP system suddenly drops. The offline capability creates an important time buffer, allowing manufacturing to continue as long as the order data has previously been recorded in MES CAT.

Scheduled downtimes

Scheduled downtimes, such as regular ERP system upgrades, a system conversion to S/4HANA, or maintenance downtime, don’t cause production to be interrupted either. Several days of downtime? Still no problem: The data is stored in MES CAT and transmitted to the ERP system once the connection is reestablished.



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