Our approach

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Our approach

Our approach is oriented towards the common goal

Unclear communications, missing documents, chaotic schedules – all these things lead to duplicating work, unpredictability and additional costs. Ultimately, project results then fail to match business reality. We use our experience and expertise to protect our customers from these problems.

In our procedure module TEAM.UP, we combine SAP best practice with over twenty years of experience. TEAM.UP is both a toolbox and a safety net for us. We use it to create a goal-oriented approach based on the specific project. Our goal: to work closely with our customers to create added value for the company. We take the project scope, quality, time and resources into account. At the same time, we support users through change management.

Our approach is oriented towards the concrete framework conditions: with stable framework conditions, we use traditional methods; with unstable or changing conditions, we use agile techniques.

We have a team of professionals: certified project managers, SCRUM masters and trained change managers lead the project work. All our SAP experts have basic project management training. Our consultants guide our customers through their project.

Please contact us if you would like more information about project management, change management, integration, process design, innovation methods or our process model.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling