Metal parts of all kinds.

Perhaps you’re a metalworking specialist, delivering products to wholesalers. Perhaps you’re a flexible partner, producing customer-specific products or components. You may even be a systems supplier for the automotive industry. Whatever your segment, you have supplier obligations to meet and it’s essential that your tools are maintained regularly and replaced when necessary. You need to schedule your work carefully to make sure you remain profitable in the maelstrom of constantly new orders and requirements.

As reel and format specialists, we have solutions to help you meet these challenges. T.CON bears the “SAP Recognized Expertise in the mill products industry in Germany” certificate. This reflects our in-depth understanding of the plastic sheeting, paper and board, and textiles sector – and of the metal industry. You will be hard put to find another provider with our expertise, when it comes to the best way to wind sheet products onto reels.

We are experts in SAP and the mill industry

The foundation for all our products and solutions is our internationally unique industry expertise. For example, our ERP software package for the mill industries: SMART FOR MILL. It comprises a variety of add-ons covering the business and economic processes for producers of reels and sheets. From development to procurement, through planning, production, quality management, maintenance, sales and shipping, and all the way to integrated accounting.

All the functions in our software are optimized for the requirements of the mill industry. The software comprises add-ons for every aspect of production for suppliers of lengths or sheets of diverse materials. They can be seamlessly integrated into your business processes. Use our industry templates to define best-in-class processes for your company, quickly and efficiently.

Calculating in bands and sheets

Is procuring tons, bands, coils and similar units daily business for you? Our SAP solutions are designed to model your industry and business specifications, and calculations are offered in precisely the units that you need. Perhaps you need to be able to handle a mixed bag of supplier invoicing methods, when procuring metals listed on the stock exchange? Our templates model these processes using numerous best-in-class procedures. The solutions also allow for flexible extension.

Production planning and management for experts

Are you responsible for using production schedules to plan individual production orders based on material availability? Ideally incorporating a variety of planning criteria? Leave nothing to chance when carrying out production planning in SAP SCM PP/DS. Let us advise you – benefit from our in-depth understanding of the tools.

During production itself, you can use our MES CAT as a central production management system. It will record and amalgamate all kinds of data from your machinery, processing and visualizing every event in your production systems. The result is a 360-degree overview of your manufacturing processes, and a valid data basis for further process optimization. You can see production-relevant data when it happens, analyze it and compare it with historical data. This means you can identify problems and non-conformities and react promptly.

Overview of costs and opportunities

For example, you can find out whether a particular machine, manufacturing product A, is currently using more resources than it did during a previous production run, or when it was manufacturing product B. These kinds of comparisons establish an important basis for improvements.

At the same time, you have a constant overview of costs for all the essential elements of your process chain. A target/actual cost comparison, based on the cost estimate and the subsequent cost analysis, allows you to verify costs for the individual production orders. You can also incorporate any subcontractors – perhaps you subcontract the varnishing process, for example – in your process model.

Batch management and load carriers

You can also rely on our solutions to improve quality management and traceability. Perhaps your customers want extra assurance in the form of QA inspection values for every production batch? We offer seamless capture of all production events, so this information is immediately available.

In addition to SMART FOR MILL’s comprehensive standard functionality, we can offer extremely practical, productive, fully-integrated T.CON solutions that you can use to ease various aspects of your work, such as mobile data capture, automation and optimized shipping processes. Our products create a basis for well-founded decision making and make a measurable difference to your bottom line.

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