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A Solution Integrated into SAP ERP and Designed for RFID-Based Mobile Maintenance Processing

Using our MOBILE MAINTENANCE solution enables companies which use SAP ERP and its PM-module to make their maintenance and repair processes more efficient. This allows them to significantly increase the availability of their assets and to sustainably lower costs.

 The application, which is installed on a PDA, ensures a smooth flow of information from maintenance technicians on site over the maintenance locations directly into the SAP ERP system. This increases the data quality and all maintenance work is fully documented in a comprehensible way. This makes it possible to detect errors or problems early and eliminate them right away.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Continuous flow of data and accelerated processes, from the creation of a maintenance order to the data-analysis
  • Increased efficiency due to a reduction in administrative efforts
  • Improved quality and up-to-dateness of maintenance data
  • Saving time thanks to direct data entry and confirmation via PDA
  • A high degree of process reliability thanks to RFID-based identification of assets and maintenance locations

One of the main challenges when implementing a maintenance strategy is the gapless entry of technical information and the continuous confirmation of qualified results. Many companies are still backlogged at this point, however. Maintenance orders with all the required data and information have previously been saved in a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), such as SAP PM. They were printed out and processed by the technicians. When the work was complete, the technician manually entered the results into the ERP system. This largely manual management process was laborious, time-consuming and also quite prone to error due to the large number of media breaks

Performing IT-supported maintenance tasks

It is precisely this gap which is filled by the MOBILE MAINTENANCE add-on from T.CON, which is fully integrated in SAP ERP. With MOBILE MAINTENANCE, technicians can enter data on site at the maintenance locations in a qualified way and transfer it to SAP ERP. They can also retrieve any required data directly from the ERP backend. Using a PDA, technicians identify the maintenance positions precisely through wireless RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanners and enter the maintenance data directly at its location of origin, the machines and assets.

This data, for example the confirmations of performed maintenance activities, damage notifications, measurements or repair processes, is automatically transferred to SAP ERP and booked immediately there. Another decisive advantage of the mobile application is its offline operating capability. Should the radio coverage prove to be insufficient at the shop floor, the entered inspection and repair data is simply stored in the PDA temporarily and then transferred to the ERP backend as soon as the network connection is available again.


Last, but not least, MOBILE MAINTENANCE convinces the end user with its smooth and quick operation, well-laid-out screen entry forms and the guided, process-oriented data entry. It guarantees high acceptance among maintenance personnel, which is a decisive factor for the success of a mobile solution.

Lean MOBILE MAINTENANCE – The lean mobile solution without any middleware

The latest version of the mobile maintenance solution called "Lean MOBILE MAINTENANCE“ gets by without any middleware or separate data storage, in contrast to most of the comparable solutions. Given the fact that the application is integrated in SAP ERP 6.0 seamlessly and without any interfaces, both system and media breaks are a thing of the past.

Advantages of the Lean MOBILE MAINTENANCE architecture

  • Based on latest technology standards (.Net, JSON, REST)
  • Optimized for Windows Mobile-based rugged PDAs
  • Offline-capable
  • High degree of usability thanks to the intuitive, self-explanatory user interface
  • Lean architecture without middleware (direct SAP ERP integration)

Since the installation of additional hardware or software, as well as the associated technical and administrative overhead, aren’t needed, costs are also reduced (lower total cost of ownership, or TCO). Another advantage is the flexible architecture of the mobile solution. It can be conveniently enhanced with additional functions as needed and is also quickly adaptable to specific customer requirements.

MOBILE MAINTENANCE functions at a glance

  • Confirmation of planned inspection and maintenance orders (maintenance rounds)
  • Entry of notifications and measured values during inspection and maintenance rounds
  • Confirmation of arbitrary maintenance orders
  • Repair processing, incl. time recording
  • Damage notifications with regard to function locations or equipment
  • Installation and dismantling of equipment
  • Synchronization of relevant master data onto the mobile devices
  • Identification of the maintenance locations with RFID or barcode
  • Management console for device management and monitoring


Mobile Maintenance with MOBILE MAINTENANCE for your Android Mobile Phone.

Mobile Maintenance with MOBILE MAINTENANCE for your iPhone or iPad.



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