SAP Add-On for the Mill Process Industry

SAP expertise and pre-configured industry solutions for length and area-oriented production: customized for paper, film and packaging manufacturers

SAP Add-On for the Mill Process IndustryThe SMART FOR MILL package is ideal for paper, film and metal producers and other mill industry enterprises: enhance your SAP projects with the benefit of T.CON’s internationally unique expertise in the mill industry. SMART FOR MILL brings together various T.CON products, add-ons, templates, consulting expertise and process knowledge in one carefully coordinated package.

The package helps customers to model their SAP landscape precisely to match the requirements of the mill industry for new installations, optimizations or carve-outs. This gives you investment security. 

We complement the SAP standard with industry-specific functionality based on SAP software, so that all your system components support the specialized requirements of the mill industry. Examples include: set-up time optimization, sequence planning and availability checks based on the customer order. We have also developed sector-specific logic, for example for invoicing or quality control. We bring pre-specified machine workstations when connecting your plants.

Our package provides producers in the mill industry with an SAP landscape perfectly tuned to match your business. Processes and IT are cleanly synchronized. See a rise in outputs, delivery reliability and customer satisfaction – while minimizing set-up times and quality problems. You become more competitive and profitability increases.

Companies can tap into our process and industry expertise through our consulting package SMART FOR MILL CONSULTING.

The package is rounded off by modifications for SAP standard components and our templates, along with the T.CON products and add-ons. T.CON products oriented specifically towards the requirements of paper, film and packaging production include:

  • MES CAT, a fully offline capable, fail-safe MES directly implemented in SAP.
  • ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK for documenting all production events.
  • TRIM SUITE for trim optimization.
  • VARIANTS MANAGER for efficient set-up and management of master data.
  • CUSTOMER MATERIAL to make drawing up orders simple for variant production.

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The SMART FOR MILL BUNDLE is an important component of our range of solutions. It modifies your SAP systems to meet exactly the requirements of mill industry enterprises, and also includes various tools to enhance efficiency. Our all-in-one solution comes preconfigured for the specific requirements of the weaving, film, paper, board, mechanical/chemical pulp, textiles and metal industries. The package is rounded off with process descriptions based on our T.CON Best Practices and demo processes.

The technical foundation of the bundle is the SMART FOR MILL FRAMEWORK. This is an antidote for the high project costs and technical problems typically associated with SAP projects in the mill industry. It comprises a technical framework, plus tools for the IT department to help them implement SAP projects more quickly, with better quality.
By customizing the SAP standard in this way, the package is able to meet the precise needs and business requirements of mill industry enterprises such as producers of paper, film, packaging or building materials. Using the framework raises the quality of the developed software. 

The SMART FOR MILL BUNDLE can also be used to get the most out your SAP systems after project completion, thanks to smart T.CON add-ons. These make it simpler to use the SAP system and offer additional functionality – e.g. SMART CRM for customer management, FORM TEMPLATE for adapting forms or SMART CUSTOM MATERIAL for allocating arbitrary features to customer material.

The SAP S/4HANA-based SMART FOR MILL BUNDLE integrates seamlessly into your business processes. 

Advantages for you:

  • Secure your IT investments: keep costs under control and benefit from proven ERP functionality. You will always be working in the tried and trusted SAP standard, and your IT department can provide integrated solutions. In addition, T.CON will stay by your side as a reliable long-term SAP business partner with an innovative product strategy.
  • Transparency at the press of a button: uninterrupted information flows and easy-to-operate reporting functions give you a comprehensive overview of current costs, revenues, resources and customers – and form a basis for quick and well-founded decisions.
  • Flexible support for your market strategy: the compact standard solution supports all key processes in your business. At the same time, the software can be flexibly adapted and extended to keep up with your growth targets.

Add-ons for SMART FOR MILL


This tool simplifies your incoming goods processes and reduces them to just a small number of steps. Based on your requirements, all you need to enter is the weight and supplier package number for each handling unit: all other data is determined automatically. You can specify a bin location before the incoming goods are even booked. The corresponding WM transport order and label printing will then be initialized in the background.


SMART CUSTOM MATERIAL is an addition to the SAP standard functionality that you can use to create any number of customer materials per customer – something that the SAP standard cannot do, but which is essential if you are using free material variations when registering customer orders. Evaluations based on customer material can also be carried out using the T.CON app – for example, see how often the customer material has been used and when it was last used.


FORM TEMPLATE carries a range of templates and forms. These save time during the introductory projects – and during daily operations. Your key users or users from specialist departments can simply adapt their print forms themselves. This frees up your IT employees and saves you calling IT services. It is equally quick and easy to translate all your form texts into different languages. Users can even configure logos and addresses for subsidiaries without having to do any technical work on the form itself.


Never again have incomplete or false customer order items in the system. The CONFIGURATION STATUS LIGHTS are based on checks at the time that the order is registered: firstly, that the configured material for each customer order item can actually be produced, and secondly, that all necessary features have been entered. You can input your business and production specifications based on a freely definable logic. This avoids order items being confirmed if they cannot be delivered and prevents incomplete orders from affecting the production process.


QM COCKPIT displays all the inspection lots in the specified plants. You can jump to the results summary (SAP standard), the usage decision records or the usage decision system. The QM COCKPIT is your centralized portal for listing inspection lots. You can use it during multistage production to carry out quality checks at multiple points: simple as ABC.


SMART CRM extends SAP S/4HANA functionality with efficient apps that can be used for e.g. recording activities or opportunities within the ERP system. The central element is the customer master data sheet, extended with all kinds of additional information. You can see the details for each customer at a glance: address, invoice details, quotes and orders, activities, complaints, etc. SMART CRM uses the standard embedded analytics components in your S/4HANA system to deliver a real-time visualization of your customer situation.

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