SAP Add-On for the Mill Process Industry

SMART FOR MILL is our preconfigured industry solution for reel and sheet based production.

SAP Add-On for the Mill Process IndustryOur all-in-one solutions form the perfect complement to your SAP system. They have all functionality customized for the length- and surface-oriented industry and provide you with a clear overview of your business at all times.

Every branch has its own special features and characteristics. Our all-in-one solution comes preconfigured for the specific requirements of the weaving, film, paper, board, mechanical/chemical pulp, textiles and metal industries.

Our SAP S/4HANA-based add-on for reel and sheet based production of diverse materials can be seamlessly integrated into your operating processes. For SAP ERP ECC 6.0 users, the functions are included in our TEMPLATE FOR MILL.

T.CON SMART FOR MILL covers all operating processes for producers of rolls and sheets—starting from development, then through procurement, production, sales, shipping... all the way to integrated accounting. All functions are customized for your branch. The solution gives you a clear overview of your business at any time, in the form of flexible and customizable reports.

SMART FOR MILL works hand in hand with our other branch-specific solutions:

  • Roll tracking with the MES CAT Suite
  • Production planning and block planning
  • Cutting plan and trim optimization with the TRIM SUITE
  • Recipe management

What the SMART FOR MILL ERP solution means for you:

  • Secure your IT investments: You keep costs under control and make use of proven ERP functionality. What’s more, you have T.CON at your side as a reliable SAP business partner with an innovative product strategy.
  • Transparency at the press of a button: Uninterrupted information flow and easy-to-operate reporting functions give you a comprehensive overview of current costs, revenues, resources and customers, which acts as a basis for rapid, well-founded decisions.
  • Flexible support for your market strategy: The compact standard solution supports all key processes in your business. At the same time, the software can be flexibly adapted and extended to keep up with your growth targets.

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SMART FOR MILL functions


Your Key Users or department users can simply adapt their print forms themselves. This frees up your IT employees and saves you calling IT services yourself. It is equally quick and easy to translate all your form texts. Users can also configure logos and addresses for subsidiaries without having to do any technical work on the form itself.


Never again have incomplete or false customer order items in the system. The CONFIGURATION STATUS LIGHTS already checks when the order is entered, whether the configured material for each customer order item can actually be produced, and secondly that all necessary features have been entered. You can enter your business and production specifications based on a freely definable logic. This avoids order items being confirmed if they cannot be delivered and prevents incomplete orders from affecting the production process.


This T.CON solution allows users to enter a delivery number and receive suggestions for suitable handling units where the selected inventory matches the delivery. The user can see at all times how much he/she has already picked. Reliability checks based on over/underdelivery tolerances are carried out in parallel. Booking follows at the press of a button with automatic document creation.


The SHIPPING COCKPIT is the central tool for the staff in your shipping office. They can use it to plan and authorize deliveries and transports. Transport orders are automatically generated in the WM and logistics team employees receive a notification on their mobile devices. Your shipping employees can use the app to view the current status of every transport, and for central management of order confirmation and invoice creation.


Your customer books a withdrawal directly from a computer or mobile device. This saves on emails, telephone calls and Excel lists. The whole process is digitalized and you maintain an overview of the inventory in the consignment warehouse. Taking the whole process chain into account, this saves you 2-3 days a month.


This addition to the SAP standard “customer material” functionality allows you to create arbitrarily many customer materials for every customer — something that SAP standard cannot do, but which is essential if you are using free material variations when registering customer orders. Evaluations based on the customer material can also be carried out using the T.CON app — for example, see how often the customer material has been used and when it was last used.


This solution simplifies your incoming goods processes into just a small number of steps. Based on your requirements, all you need to enter is the weight and supplier package number for each handling unit: All other data is determined automatically. You can specify a bin location before the incoming goods are even booked. The corresponding WM transport order and label printing will then be initialized in the background.

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