SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo

IoT - Out of the Box Networking

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been one of the most important trends in digitalization for several years. Gartner is forecasting that more than 50 billion devices will be networked with one another by 2020. The big question is how to utilize all these objects and your data to benefit business.

SAP realized years ago that the only way to confront these challenges was with powerful platforms. This is why ERP’s provider invested billions in additional purchases and the development of the Leonardo IoT Platform. The IoT services of the SAP Cloud Platform provide exactly what is needed for dramatically simplifying device networking. This applies both to the virtual world and the physical world as well.

IT security is always guaranteed here. It’s the top priority, but this alone isn’t enough. In addition to the underlying technology, SAP also offers ready-made software solutions for generating added value from device data for your business. The greatest potential may lie in SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service. Through a combination of sensor and EAM data, predictive maintenance can be achieved using intelligent algorithms. This makes it possible to reduce maintenance costs, noticeably increasing system availability. An application for monitoring a product’s life cycle up until it is used by the customer is available in the form of SAP Connected Goods. SAP Vehicle Insights tracks your fleet and vehicle conditions using sensors. The SAP Asset Intelligence Network enables the cross-company management of systems and their maintenance.

Even greater potential is offered by SAP Leonardo. SAP’s big data solutions analyze enormous quantities of data in real time. Machine learning and predictive algorithms put them into a business context and create smart connections.

The trend toward device networking will noticeably increase with the availability of 5G cellular networks. The problem here is all too clear: a wide variety of different technologies and protocols for sensors and networks, as well as heterogeneous data formats, have to be reconciled. This is to say nothing of integration into ERP processes and the mapping out of new business cases.

The bottom line: The SAP staff in Walldorf, Germany wants to transfer standard software to the IoT world with SAP Leonardo to provide out-of-the-box benefits to business.

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