SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo

Machine Learning - "You look happy today."

This is how a robot could respond to “seeing” you smile with its camera while you’re having a conversation with it over the Internet. Facial recognition and voice analysis are areas where machine learning is being applied.

Machine learning is looking to solve problems in business which can’t be managed using conventional means, such as customer evaluations on the Internet. Another example would be the conditions of a machine which indicate potential production developments such as waste and wear.

This always involves recurring tasks where the intent is to extract knowledge from unstructured data, such as text, contracts and mass data from sensors and the IoT.

Machine learning is a broad field predestined for a top dog in software like SAP SE. As part of SAP Leonardo, SAP makes available the so-called Machine Learning Foundation based on the SAP Cloud Platform. Fundamental technical services such as the facial recognition described above and application-based services are offered here, such as for solving issues like the assignment of SAP invoices to incoming payments and the classification of service tickets, among other things.

This is where the circle closes again. With HANA and big data services from Walldorf, Germany, enormous known data quantities can be used as the basis for the “learning phase.” Patterns and rules which can then be applied to unknown data later on are identified using this initial data.


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