Following on from “Industry 4.0”, the buzzword “digitalization” has seen prolific use for a while. We upload our bios to the Cloud and then are amazed by the perfectly tailored ads served to us by Google & friends. Numerous consumer-product manufacturers have known for a long time that there is good money to be made from data as a by-product.

Of course, connecting up devices is also a part of this – but only a part.

What's much more important is finding the creativity for the transformation from manufacturer to provider of “as-a-service” models. It’s about providing optimal support for the Customer Journey.

This could take place via data analytics or modern frontends. It’s also about operational excellence. Machine learning, AI and digital platforms enable process chains to be optimized dramatically.

Anyone trying to exploit this potential quickly finds out that new ways of thinking are required in many areas, and entirely new structures must be created. Design Thinking and Scrum have made names for themselves as valuable techniques here.

As industry partners, we offer inspiration for lateral thinking and innovative products for successful digitalization in your business.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling