Mobile Warehouse


Integrating devices into mobile data collection systems provides enormous potential for reducing costs in all areas in which the use of a graphical user interface is not possible. Data entry templates optimized according to customer needs, as well as the use of barcode scanners, enable more effective data collection and as a result lead to more efficient process handling. Handling stock management processes requires speed and reliability above all. In order to meet these requirements while still working in a cost-effective manner, warehouse staff requires simple and clearly arranged control options for internal warehouse processes. 

MOBILE WAREHOUSE provides fast and error-free data communication with the help of radio data terminals that are controlled directly from SAP ERP. Screen layouts and input templates appear exactly the way they have been programmed in the ERP software program. Data is processed in SAP ERP. Status and error messages are shown on the data terminal, which is comparable to a graphical user interface (GUI). Teklogix barcode scanners. Barcode scanners can be used to scan materials in an error-free manner. Barcodes based on the UCC/EAN-128 standard (now known as GS1-128) can be used for this purpose, for example.


  • Application adaptability in line with user-specific needs
  • Easy to use even without previous knowledge
  • Mobile use of the solution at Receiving Areas (all throughout them)
  • Complete up-to-dateness of data in the system and on site
  • In the event of radio transmission failures, data is stored temporarily and resent after the next successful radio reception operation (automatic)

Radio data terminals can be installed on vehicles or can be used as handheld devices. They are usually equipped with a keypad that makes it possible to enter additional data. In order to make work even easier, touchscreens can be optionally used.

The solutions developed by us are designed for package picking operations and for use in spare parts warehouses.

Use in package picking operations

Radio data terminals are installed on forklifts for picking operations. This enables operators to scan packages directly when loading them. The system then tells them whether the goods that will be loaded onto a truck or railroad car have the right configuration as specified by the customer. This ensures that any goods that are not intended for the specific customer are not accidentally loaded. The scanned packages are assigned to the delivery and entered into the system.

Use in spare parts warehouses

Handheld scanners are used in spare parts warehouses, making it possible to enter outgoing goods quickly and easily. This eliminates the time-consuming activity of filling material requisition slips. In addition, up-to-date inventory levels are available at all times in the system, making timely replenishment orders possible.

These functionalities are available both in SAP ERP and in SAP R/3.

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