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Enterprise Logbook – for a truly collaborative enterprise

Share critical information and events in a single place. Quickly captured, clearly presented, enriched with visual content and easily retrievable from any device. Avoiding errors through sharing information has never been easier.

Catalyzing the flow of information using a single information hub: shift handover, instructions, regulations, requirements, event log, knowledge database - all in one location. T.CON’s ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK is the centralized solution for creating and sharing critical information and events across every level of your company. Based on the idea of the shift log for production, the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK incorporates information resources outside of production - creating a wholesome, integrated system. This catalyzes information flow across internal boundaries.



Enterprise Logbook Information hub l T.CON

T.CON’s ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK integrates the company by opening information flow and sharing current events. "We wanted to uncouple the logbook from the classical binder near the machine and make use of the current standards in digital technology", explains Andreas Buchmeier, Business Developer MES. He adds: "Because of this we need to ensure that the user isn’t limited to a desk and to only text. Automated events are created when and where the users need them reducing redundant information and manual effort. Thereby achieving the goal of an intelligent digital solution." 

With the use of the SAP FIORI technology and mobile applications it is possible register events and upload video, audio and pictures. There is too much complexity in your company? ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK streamlines all information flows, even across internal company boundaries. Nevertheless, it doesn’t overwhelm users with unnecessary information. For example, production information doesn’t need to be shared with HR personnel. Information is shared and restricted based on user access rights and categorized by business process. (example) The entire system can be custom tailored to your individual requirements.



Shift Logbook

Enterprise Logbook - Shift Logbook I T.CON

First and foremost, the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK replaces all the functionality of a digital shift log for production.


  • It serves as a digital shift, unit and machine logbook. Industrial organizations document all relevant activities from the shift comfortably and securely in just one application – the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK.
  • Relevant shift notes and deviations are generated effortlessly, either manually or automatically. (ex. Unplanned shutdowns, quality problems, sensor data, safety events. Etc.)
  • ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK enables shift supervisor and personnel to conduct content rich shift handover efficiently. Relevant activities are market and can be, as needed, signed off on digitally.
  • Open issues are tracked and followed up through the shifts.
  • Streamlined user interfaces allow for trouble-free operation. Documentation, templates and text building blocks allow operators to concentrate on their job.
  •  Integrated graphical analytics and dashboards allow for a quick and easy overview of the current situation in production
  • Instructions and activities can be assigned, documented and followed according to user or location.
  • Define checklists for repeating activities allow for an optimal and thorough completion of work.



Problem/Solution Database

Enterprise Logbook | T.CON

Within a company, the same problems tend to return time after time. A lot of time and effort is wasted in finding solutions repeatedly for these recurring problems. Lost knowledge with employees leaving the company further enhances this problem.

How do you guarantee easy access to the solution of a past problem? Even years later with different employees? The Problem/Solution data base incorporated in T.CON’s ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK grants easy access on how problems have been previously solved. This facilitates any issues to be solved swiftly, saving you time and money.


  • Problems and events are tracked with actions and solutions.
  • All events including problem description and solution are selected with an optimized search engine and analyzed. A fuzzy full text search allows for search within error tolerances. All other attributes that are entered as part of the event allow for flexible filtering of results.
  • For events and solutions there are corresponding reviews and comments. Solutions with a high ranking appear higher in the results to be more visible.
  • The analysis enables optimization potential with which current problems will be solved quicker.



Mobile, Intuitive and Efficient

Enterprise Logbook - Mobile, intuitive und efficient |  T.CON

Issues in your company don’t just occur near your desktop computer. To remain agile, modern companies must make use of current technologies such as up-to-date analytics and visual tools. Using mobile devices gives you the necessary flexibility in today’s fast paced economy. Be one step ahead with T.CON’s ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK.


  • Quickly get an overview of your entire company with real-time dashboards and KPIs.
  • Dynamic access to all information on the go: The mobile functionality allows for the entry and view of text, video, picture or audio on the go. Prepopulating of entry fields keeps the data entry to a minimum.
  • System and user rules enable a straightforward way for registering special activities (e.g. via E-Mail alert).

A system built to make users and IT happy.


  • Seamless integration into MES CAT and SAP PM. Uses existing master data such as work center, operational structure and equipment.
  • Events are given a level of priority, focal point and status which are followed over a longer time frame. These levels can generate additional processes, such as a maintenance notification in SAP PM.


  • Events generated automatically from MES, ERP and 3rd party systems (e.g. change in machine status, production status, quality deviation, etc.)
  • Enrich event logs with pictures, videos, documents and audio files
  • All events categorized based on business process
  • Data is used for analysis and evaluation
  • Based off the newest SAP technologies (SAP FIORI) and is available on every kind of browser and mobile device





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