MES CAT Analytics

MES CAT Analytics - T.CON

MES CAT Analytics

Full transparency for your production.

MES CAT Analytics - T.CON

Some production managers and shift leaders are walking encyclopedias: They know their machinery like the back of their hand and can tell you materials and cycle times for products off the top of their head. If these people are able to be everywhere at once — great.

But even so, they can’t replace detailed analysis and figures, which allow for objectivity and transparency. Recent studies based on the OEE Industry Standard have confirmed that the overall equipment efficiency for a machine is on average only 50 to 60 percent*. That is, you can imagine a second machine standing unused next to every operating machine.

Daily analyses create clarity:

  • Utilization of available capacities
  • Reduced idle times and downtimes
  • Lower staff costs

CAT Analytics is a tool that you can rely on to help you successfully manage KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) within your company. It is quick and easy to create the daily evaluations that you need.

Integrated components:

  • OEE
  • Time evaluation
  • Reject evaluation
  • Quantity and error evaluation
  • Rework evaluation Time log

The product and process data coming from production is extensive, and must be adapted to the specific recipient’s needs if it is to provide meaningful information. Past and real-time data for individual machines or groups of machines can be analyzed via the Cockpit.

Analytics includes over 20 KPIs that can be used to draw conclusions about the production situation. Forecasts are created for future events and trends.

Advantages for you:

  • Immediate real-time data
  • Reports at the press of a button
  • Interface to Lumira
  • Interface to predictive analytics



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