MES CAT Quality

MES CAT Quality

CAT Quality: So you can stay ahead with your production quality

MES CAT Quality - T.CON


The machines are running 24/7 — and suddenly an employee notices that a machine has been producing nothing but scrap for hours... Perhaps the tool wasn’t installed properly. Perhaps it’s just that the wrong material is being used. There are lots of possibilities. But there’s only one entity that will call the alarm in time to rule out this kind of problem before it starts: Your quality management system. Defective products are the cause of millions of euros lost to the German economy every year.

The challenge faced by small and medium enterprises: How can we keep up with the competition and not get left behind? The answer isn't just about prices — efficient energy and resource use are also key factors. Quality nowadays doesn't just mean producing perfect products. Of course, the customer is still a stakeholder — but so are the suppliers, employees, investors ... and the environment. MES CAT Quality is your quality management tool.

Integrated components:

  • Error detection and recording
  • Quality control
  • Production guidelines
  • Traceability of all production steps
  • Process data visualization
  • Test equipment manager

The process and machine data comes from your ERP system. Cat Quality is fully integrated with your SAP system. Advantages: Production data can be viewed at any time during production and is fed back into your ERP system directly via our Posting Monitor. The surface profile data recorded by an infra-red or regular camera can be checked using the process data visualization.

Defective part quantities and reasons for the problem can be recorded automatically via test lines, or entered manually. Interfaces are provided for a camera system and an automatic error import. Error codes and error groups can be freely defined in catalogs. The T.CON interface optimization TRIM SUITE* can also be integrated — exploit your full potential.

You can obtain an overview of the current status at any time via the Inspection Board. This shows upcoming and already processed samples, with the test results clearly illustrated via graphics and charts. The integrated “traffic light” system lists all the quality tests in chronological order and provides clear visuals for the individual results:

  • Red – outside the tolerance zone
  • Yellow – in the warning zone
  • Green – within the tolerance zone

Production guidelines can be put on file, giving all parties access to information about particular features of the material, the manufacturing order, the customer order and the customer. Traceability creates transparency over the entire production processes.

Where does the raw material come from? Which batch was it in? In the case of any claims or liability issues, these are essential questions. All production-relevant data can be stored in the order history and viewed on demand. The test equipment manager lists all objects that are currently in use or being repaired.

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