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MES CAT Warehouse

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Your employee in customer service calls the warehouse and lets her colleague there know that there is an order. She mentions the item number and quality. The warehouse employee notes everything down on a piece of paper. Ideally, the goods are in stock and can be collected, packaged and shipped. If they aren’t, then the warehouse employee heads into production and informs them that production needs to start on the next free machine. If the raw material is not available, it quickly needs to be ordered.

Do you think this workflow is effective?

If your business only manufactures one product, in series, this workflow can be managed easily. But most companies face the challenge of manufacturing and storing countless variants of numerous products.

MES CAT Warehouse automates your warehouse processes. All product movements are mapped and stocks managed. The close interaction between MES and our intelligent warehouse management system creates transparency, allowing your employees to obtain an overview of the current material situation at any time. With rapid evaluation options and real-time data, you can save your employees valuable time.

Integrated components

  • Storage
  • Removal from storage
  • Relocation
  • Commissioning
  • Stock information system
  • Materials inventory
  • Load checking


Advantages for you:

  • Real-time stock control
  • Efficient shipping
  • Efficient raw material planning
  • Complete traceability for materials, semi-finished goods and finished products
  • Fully integrated in your ERP processes


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