Production and MES

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Production and MES

A modern manufacturing operations management (MOM) system is the central goal when digitalizing operating processes. The aim is to create efficiency and transparency. A manufacturing execution system (MES) forms the key digital transformation component for production. As a basis for realtime management, monitoring and checks of all production processes, it responds to the growing trend towards automation and self-regulating optimization. The MES is a production or manufacturing management system that serves as a link between corporate management (ERP) and the operational level (production/shopfloor).

MES CAT from T.CON integrates perfectly into machine-heavy manufacture of sheets and rolls or human-resource-heavy discrete manufacturing: it is simply THE solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. MES CAT integrates all your individual and specialized processes, and with T.CON as your development partner, you can be sure of equal input into the roadmap. Thanks to our process expertise, well-thought-out workflows and proven industry templates, we can offer an unbeatable rapid implementation.

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MES / Shopfloor

The shopfloor challenge: to provide your employees on the shop floor with the information and materials they require – when they need them, in the desired quantity and in their desired quality. It’s essential for you to identify and eliminate restrictions and delays in the production process – ideally, BEFORE they happen. You don’t want any machine idle, waiting for another. Your goal is self-regulating systems; human and machine working seamlessly “hand in hand”. In additional to the technical challenges, the labor market is also resulting in a new challenge for your shop floor: the skills shortage.

A lack of qualified personnel means you need to rethink your manual processes. You need to find ways that less-qualified staff can take over the work of the specialists – and that entails making your machines and systems simpler, more intuitive, and safer to operate. The manual processes need to give your staff space – but not room for error. We can arrange this for you.

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  • MES CAT Functionality

Material flow management

Goods and materials should be in the right place at the right time – which sounds simple, but it’s not. Why? Because of the sprawling technologies in your warehouse and production. Multistory warehouses, carousel storage, automated small parts and pallet warehouses, conveyor belts and driverless transport systems, pick-by-vision, pick-by-voice and pick-by-light technologies, stacker control systems and pallet conveyors, monitors, mobile end devices – and so on and so on. All these have to be networked and managed efficiently, the internal storage, transport and production systems need to be integrated with each other, and so do the external supply and logistics systems.

What’s more, this needs to be done without interfaces dropping out, no delays, and no media disruption. We create a framework for smooth processes and realtime control of your material flows – from the moment your goods arrive through to shipping, covering everything from your internal relocation processes right through to the site-independent logistics process. We don't reinvent your process world to do this: we network it intelligently, turning the opportunities of the digital revolution to your advantage. and giving you added value.

Our solution:

  • MES CAT Planning
  • MES CAT Warehouse

Production reporting

The CEO and operations manager are interested in the overall plant efficiency. The shift leader wants to know how high the output quantities were, what the material consumption was and how much waste there was in his lines. The worker at the machine is motivated by being able to see their position in the competition with themselves and their colleagues. Am I on schedule? Am I doing better than last week? Can I achieve a personal best today? All three – CEO, shift worker, machine operator – use the same production reporting system as an information platform, each at their own level: operator level, line level, corporate level.

The quality of the production reporting system depends on how good the data is, how intelligently it is evaluated and whether it can be visualized transparently and in real time. With the right combination of process expertise, attention to detail and the “law of large numbers”, we can ensure that the reporting system has the right information for everyone.

Our solution:

  • MES CAT Analytics​​​​​​​

Quality Management

Quality is not checked, it’s created. That’s our motto for production. Conventional systems only verify that the output meets quality requirements at the final check stage. By contrast, we control quality throughout the process, ensuring the final check is merely a positive confirmation, and not an unpleasant surprise. For example, the paper and sheet processing industry utilizes reels with lengths over 10,000 m. It just isn’t feasible to use half the reel before you notice there’s a quality issue. Modern inline observation systems verify the reel quality from start to finish. Web inspection systems work while the process is running, to check for defects, measure material density and verify e.g. color and coating parameters.

The zero-error strategy saves costs and improves output. It’s also about ensuring safety: think of the pharmaceutical sector, for example. It’s essential here to guarantee highly accurate measurements and 100% correct labeling when filling packets. By guaranteeing quality DURING the production stage, we make sure this happens. Close to the product, close to the machine, close to the human.

Our solution:

  • SAP Quality Management
  • MES CAT Quality


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Industry 4.0

A human-to-human network through the Internet is already a part of daily life in every business. Digital technologies can now also be used to integrate physical objects into this network, meaning real objects can interact and communicate with each other over the “Internet of Things”. For example, this allows entire process chains to be automated. It is also possible to make site-independent use of data and functions from production facilities, making plant monitoring and maintenance easier. The IoT therefore has an essential role to play in Industry 4.0.


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Process digitalization has lots of advantages for businesses – for example, it goes hand in hand with automation opportunities. In automated processes, individual process steps or entire process chains run without human intervention. The tasks are carried out automatically via an IT system. This usually results in significant efficiency gains throughout the process chain. “Robotic Process Automation” (RPA) is gaining considerable importance in this context.

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Mobile Solutions

Information in today’s world is largely exchanged over digital media. We expect to be able to access and share information from anywhere and at any time: from the train, on the way to an important business appointment, inside the production facility in the factory. Employees want to access their data and applications wherever they are, and when this fails, we face costly media disruptions. Mobile solutions help us to ensure that data access never fails. At the same time, they have the potential to change the way that job orders are completed.



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Predictive Analytics

Identify machine maintenance requirements before any performance problems arise. Spot any issues your customers could possibly raise before it’s too late. In brief: Make precise predictions about future events. Did you think this was impossible? It used to be, but predictive analytics is making it into reality – although for it to work, you need to have enough relevant data available for the context you’re trying to predict. In our constantly changing world, reacting rapidly to events is essential. Reacting to events before they occur is even better. That’s why predictive analytics is such a competitive advantage for businesses.

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