SAP Integration

SAP Integration in MES CAT - T.CON

SAP integration

No interfaces, no data loss

If your idea is to manage your daily production updates manually, because your equipment is not integrated into your ERP system, you need to think about recruiting new employees: Making more than 1000 manual entries a day is no joke.

Stand-alone systems generally lead to additional costs and errors. Lots of production companies still use handwritten entries. Information then has to be passed on to the responsible employees — once again costing time and money.

The Manufacturing Execution System MES CAT from T.CON is fully integrated in your ERP system with no additional interfaces. Processes are comprehensively replicated with the support of software. Thanks to a uniform data structure, which simplifies data exchange between physical systems, modules and functions no longer have to be managed in duplicate.

The T.CON posting monitor is the core of MES CAT Execution. Data updates take place in real time. Entries and changes from other departments such as Logistics, Quality Management, Controlling or Accounting are visible immediately.

MES CAT understands the SAP ERP documentation system and can use intelligent update logic to carry out comprehensive fully automatic entry correction. In offline mode, all data is buffered and imported in the correct order once the ERP system comes back online. Posting Individually is now a thing of the past.

MES CAT is written in ABAP and is provided open source to our customers.

Advantages for you:

  • No idle time resulting from ERP downtimes
  • No additional costs from handwritten notes
  • Updates entered in correct order
  • Individual users don't block one another in the system
  • Time savings from automated processes

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