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Production Planning Software

In manufacturing companies, production planning is an essential factor to ensure efficiency, profitability, delivery capability and customer satisfaction. Integrated SAP solutions for planning improve the resilience of the whole organization itself. 

Automated, closely coordinated processes for supply chain planning
Advanced machine learning algorithms and planning capabilities
Native integration with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower and other solutions

Planning as a core element of manufacturing and supply chain operations has traditionally been conducted in silos, with demand forecasting, supply planning, production planning, logistics planning, and sales and operations planning all handled by separate teams and systems. In times of interrupted global trade flows and increasing pressure on the profitability of manufacturers the business case of integrated production planning software is obvious. The potential impact from optimized planning is evident. But it requires an integrated approach on the software side, sophisticated analytical capabilities and analytics tools, and collaboration across multiple functions and stakeholders.

While looking for production planning software, many companies rely on integrated SAP systems, such as the SAP solution for "Integrated Business Planning" (IBP). The application Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) as a add-on of SAP S/4HANA is used here for detailed planning and optimization of the resource plan as well as order data and times. Critical products in particular are planned with PP/DS, for example, products with long replenishment lead times or products that require bottleneck resources to manufacture. This cloud-based solution combines sales and operations planning (S&OP), forecasting and demand planning, response and procurement planning, demand-driven replenishment and inventory planning.

T.CON's experts help define the optimal planning processes and select and implement the required production planning software to build integrated planning solutions that fully support value creation.


  • We know how to digitalize, integrate and optimize the supply chain end-to-end and how to effectively implement order-related planning.

    Bradley Robb

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