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Webinar | T.CON

Feldmuehle GmbH, Uetersen: Running a complex paper mill 100% on SAP applications and SAP technology

Join SAP Gold Partner T.CON and German paper manufacturer Feldmuehle GmbH as they unveil valuable insights from their successful collaboration. Learn how automatic multi-level planning, trim optimization, and manufacturing execution solutions based on SAP can revolutionize your production.
Bradley Robb (T.CON), Sasa Mihajlovic (T.CON), Gerhard Göbel (T.CON), Katja Koeppe (Feldmuehle)

Handling an enterprise wide cyber-attack - How the CPH Group mitigated the impact of the incident through a resilient SAP landscape

Find out how the CPH Group recovered key systems and restarted production with the help of their SAP landscape and the extraordinary efforts of the IT teams.
Stefan Fiedler (T.CON), Hans-Peter Aregger (CPH Chemie und Papier Holding AG)

New markets require resilience - seizing new opportunities in the paper industry based on integrated SAP systems

Find out how Koehler set the foundation to benefit from new opportunities while increasing their business at the same time by seeing through their Digital Transformation Strategy.
Dr. Jörg Padberg (Koehler Group), Andreas Zollner (T.CON), Marco Bruder (Koehler Group)
Webinar with Felix Schoeller Group | T.CON

How Felix Schoeller Group was able to pivot and utilize lessons learned to build standardized, efficient and scalable global supply chain processes

With the start of the global SAP project EASY Felix Schoeller Group and T.CON embarked on a journey, consolidating a complex system landscape with an extensive change project spanning the globe.
Reinhard Mühlbauer (T.CON), Andreas Dieckmann (Felix Schoeller Group)

SAP BW Bridge for Data Warehouse Cloud - Customer Project

With SAP BW Bridge, SAP SE has launched a technology that enables bridging between on-premises SAP BW systems and the DWC. Investments from BW developments are to be preserved when switching to the cloud. In addition, the BW Bridge enables the simple integration of legacy systems (e.g. SAP ECC 6.0). But does the BW Bridge actually deliver what it promises?
Boris Bader, Stefan Schwenzl
Webinar | Focus on Business, not IT operations | T.CON & aicomp

Focus on Business, not IT operations

Packaging manufacturers have to be fast - however, a patchwork IT landscape slows things down enormously. Together with our partner aicomp, we present the advantages of a fully integrated overall solution that maps optimal digitized processes based on SAP software.
Gerhard Göbel (T.CON), Jens Hennecke (Aicomp)
Webinar | Hear from Model AG: Optimize cutting plans with TRIM SUITE | T.CON

Hear from Model AG: Optimize cutting plans with TRIM SUITE

A journey through a workday in production – illustrated by operational challenges in a typical workday of a production manager.
Christian Baum, Gerhard Göbel, Alfred Becker
Webinar | How digitization looks in production | T.CON

How digitization looks in production: Integrating people, machines, processes and data to increase productivity.

A journey through a workday in production – illustrated by operational challenges in a typical workday of a production manager.
Stylianos Chiotellis, Bradley Robb
Webinar | How Sandler and T.CON built an adaptive system | T.CON

How Sandler and T.CON built an adaptive system, which provides agility to react quickly to dynamic market needs.

The term Pivoting, companies quickly changing course to adapt to the market, is one of the latest buzzwords coming out of the Silicon Valley: Sandler however has been doing this long before the computer revolution.
Karl Fuchs, Ulrich Hornfeck
Webinar | Operational excellence at Perlen Packaging | T.CON

Operational excellence at Perlen Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging companies worldwide are confronted with many different enterprise-wide challenges, such as particularly tough production requirements. Given these difficult conditions, how has Perlen Packaging been able to establish itself internationally as a leading supplier in the field of film manufacturing and film coating? Find out firsthand!
Hans-Peter Aregger, Philipp Morgenthaler, Thomas Blöchl
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