SAP Expertise

SAP expertise

Our status as SAP Gold Partner as well as a wide range of certifications prove our high level of expertise regarding SAP technology and products.

More than 200 customers have relied on our SAP expertise so far - providing complete implementations, carve-outs and optimization projects all over the world. We also offer a wide range of specialized products which enhance the SAP standard to cover the demands of manufacturing industries like the mill industry.

As SAP Gold Partner we believe firmly in the SAP standard and full SAP integration. Fully integrated digital processes throughout the value chain help companies to work more efficiently. They enable them to adapt quickly to changes in the market and disruptions and are thus the foundation to build a resilient enterprise.

Fully digital processes in a well-designed IT landscape enable an organization to react much more quickly. In fact, enterprises with this kind of foundation can respond rapidly to crisis situations to successfully stabilize production in the short term. Workflows become integrated into processes and provide orientation for new procedures. Organizational changes can be quickly implemented into day-to-day activities. Knowledge is retained and can be queried and searched. It is possible to quantify the extent to which specifications are implemented. New recipes or production processes can be introduced on the shop floor with little delay.

As a result, the digital strategy based on full SAP integration often pays off after just a short time. Any organization that only has isolated IT solutions, or even purely paper-based process, will find it impossible to enact efficient, secure information exchange, respond to new developments, effectively monitor workflows, address quality issues in a timely fashion or troubleshoot effectively.

In our view, an MES like our MES CAT is the essential building block when manufacturing companies digitize. Full SAP integration is vital. Today, an MES system must support all business processes in manufacturing execution. It is no longer enough, as in the past, to simply document time ticket confirmations and goods movements. As a hub for the exchange of data between the ERP and the automation level, the MES ideally acts bidirectionally, holistically and highly integrated. It provides a view of maintenance, production resources and tools, personnel availability, the electronic image of production-related documents, an event journal or an electronic shift book. In many cases, the MES is the basis for us to supply Industrial IoT platforms with data and to enable evaluations with the help of Machine Learning. In this way, full SAP integration is the key to bring the latest technical innovations directly into production. 

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