The Converting industry offers numerous opportunities to drive digital transformation. Packaging itself is becoming more digital, sustainable, lightweight and individual. This drives the demand for digital tools in the production process. There is a huge potential to remodel the value chain in converting by the utilization of fully-integrated digitalized processes based on state-of-the-art SAP systems.


The paper converting industry is one on the rise. The rapid increase in digitalization is expected to reduce the demand for printing and writing paper. But while digital media is replacing paper in news and advertising, the evolution from printing paper to packaging paper due to the growing e-commerce market and customer preference for converting paper packaging are boosting the demand for the converting paper market globally. The consumption of converting paper for tasks apart from writing and printing is growing rapidly across the globe. The converting paper market will register the growth at a rate of 3.6% for the forecast period of 2021 to 2028, according to Data Bridge Market Research.

The sanitary and packaging industry are using converting paper on a large scale. Industrial packaging is another area of growth owing to the low cost and sustainability as compared to other materials such as plastic or glass. The usage of converting paper material for the manufacturing of bulk containers, liners, and absorbents has significantly improved in the past few years owing to the high-quality products.


However, the industry is facing challenges along with others in the packaging industry. Raw material like pulp is scarce and the high demand has led to price hikes. The customers' orders are coming in frequently, but to insure the capability to deliver on time is a challenge for some companies. On the other hand, the increased and fluctuating costs of the raw material, the accessibility of resources and the rise in the acceptance of digitalization and increasing utilization of mobile phones for social media networking are further responsible for derailing the growth of the converting paper market.

Fully integrated digital processes in paper are vital to address the need for flexible new planning and cost efficient production that ensures high quality at the same time.

With the help of digital tools, converting paper and packaging manufacturers are improving their customer services and manufacturing activities to ensure better product quality, tracking information of shipped goods, and suitable customer support. One tool that's helpful on the toolbelt of any converting company is T.CONs trim optimization solution, the TRIM SUITE. It ensures economical cutting planning and cost-saving cutting optimization while optimizing trim waste for laminar- or reel-based production, such as paper, board or film.

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