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MES CAT. No interfaces, no data loss. Fully integrated. We rely on SAP standard.

It makes sense to build an MES on SAP technology: data and key figures from production and production-related systems are seamlessly integrated into your corporate information flow. You can ensure a homogeneous data basis within the company, including across multiple locations. MES CAT is based on SAP technology and is tightly integrated with SAP ERP processes. The MES and the ERP applications are based on the SAP development platform, which keeps installation and implementation simple.

This also benefits you and your company. At present, many companies don’t make use of their machine data, even though this data is synonymous with competitiveness and cost savings. Enterprises in the manufacturing sector can benefit from MES functions to move towards Industry 4.0. The key is maximum transparency and traceability over all production steps and products, along with data consistency right through every corner of the ERP system. MES CAT from T.CON gives you the basis for a completely automated factory. The MES is the central information and data hub, linking together the levels of the automation pyramid. Platform-based MES solutions are future-oriented developments bringing you closer to a smart factory.

You move away from standard, configurable basic services and towards customized applications. Building on this kind of system landscape, the MES can gradually network more with innovative, easy to set up cloud apps. The MES is also the basis of a production landscape that can use smart industrial IoT technology to capture and process bulk data. You can use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to exploit this data and transform it into optimizations. 

The links between different systems on the shop floor and the ERP system are created using T.CON’s in-house development, “CAT Connector”. CAT Connector is the “translator” when it comes to ensuring that systems can talk to each other. It provides a standardized communication infrastructure and is flexible and quick to configure. Standardized communication interfaces link the production level with the MES system. CAT Connector includes connectors for standard protocols used in production (e.g. OPC UA, SQL, MQTT, TCP/IP, HTTP/SOAP). If other tools such as SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCo) are already in use, these can be used instead as the gateway for linking diverse data sources such as SAP EWM or SAP MII to MES CAT.

The architecture of MES CAT combines advantages such as the offline capability of the system in the individual plants with full integration into the SAP system.

Using SAP technology saves your IT department unnecessary work and costs. The use of ABAP and SAP UI technology means your own IT can freely view the source code and extend it using SAP tools. You do not need to worry about vendor lock-in. MES CAT can be installed on separate servers, thereby increasing reliability. The MES tool is offline capable, which protects from data losses as data can still be recorded during downtime or maintenance, and then synchronized once the connection is reestablished. 

The T.CON posting monitor is the core of MES CAT Execution. When data is entered or modified by other departments – say logistics, quality management, controlling or financial accounting – the changes are available immediately. All data is posted in real time.

MES CAT understands the relationships and links between entries from the ERP. The intelligent posting logic can also carry out comprehensive corrective postings fully automatically. In offline mode, all data is buffered and imported in the correct order once the ERP system comes back online. Time-intensive re-posting is no longer necessary.  MES CAT is your enabler for digital production.


  • No idle time resulting from ERP downtimes
  • No additional costs from handwritten notes
  • Updates entered in correct order
  • Individual users don't block one another in the system
  • Time savings from automated processes



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