TRIM optimization with TRIM SUITE

T.CON’s new TRIM SUITE is a full-scale optimization application for the creation of patterns and cutting plans for goods in the form of reels and sheets.


Easy to learn with innovative user interface

True optimization by automatically creating patterns and cutting plans

Optimally combine orders

Produce the optimum quantity to best serve your customers

Companies in the paper and packaging industry are all struggling with the same problem: manual planning of cutting plans is time-consuming and does not always provide the optimal solution. Employees are busy for hours to optimize one single cutting plan. 

T.CON’s Trim Optimization enables our customers to reduce trim loss and waste with a fully featured deckle optimization tool. T.CON’s TRIM SUITE is fully featured and integrated into your work process. TRIM SUITE creates and compares results within seconds, it is easy to use and can maximize savings by defining costs for various aspects of production, including material loss, knife changes, storage or yield.


  • True optimization by automatically creating patterns and cutting plans (LP=Linear Programming, robust solver)
  • Optimally combine orders
  • Easy to learn with innovative user interface
  • Visually appealing and clear graphical user interface


  • Reduce trim loss/waste with the help of trim optimization
  • Minimize setup times by assigning penalty costs for knife changes
  • Produce the optimum quantity to best serve your customers
  • Reduce stock with integration of existing stock, production or purchases as part of the optimization
  • Avoid mistakes by integrating checks on order attributes and technical restrictions of your resources

Functions and Features

  • Integration in PP/DS (APO) heuristics
  • Integration in PP/DS detailed planning board
  • Integration in MES CAT: automatically creates new cutting plans during running production if needed
  • Display cutting plans using combined orders in SAP standard
  • Optional and binary optional planning of orders (stock supplement, future orders)
  • Single stage for reel and sheet (simplex, multiplex)
  • Multiple stage optimization
  • Existing stock and planned production or purchases are accounted for
  • Quality Trim: takes defects of existing stock into account automatically during optimization
  • Automatically create sets of solutions, in dialogue or background
  • Create and compare multiple solutions by varying penalty costs or technical restrictions

TRIM SUITE - trim-optimization - Less trim loss and waste

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More Information

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