iT.CONnect 2019

November 12th & 13th 2019 | Munich Airport

Let's take off together into the future.

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2018 Review

"The iT.CONnect was great. It convinces with its interesting lectures, which you really can take a huge amount away from, and also with the networks you can build here. You can draw industry-specific, but also cross-industry information.”

Christoph Potthoff, C. Cramer Weberei Heek-Nienborg GmbH


“The Keynote was a memorable highlight, with lots of material to think about. For example: What does the future look like, and how can we help to shape it?”

Oliver Fischer, Loewe Technologies GmbH

100% of the participants would recommend visiting the iT.CONnect to others.

“T.CON is an important partner for us; we have been working together for over 13 years. This partnership is, for me, the primary reason I enjoy participating in iT.CONnect each year. I’m looking forward to finding out how we can keep benefiting from T.CON’s latest solutions in future.” 

René Kuhn, Perlen Packaging

“IT’s magic”. IT is magical. However, the magical moments and illusions that get us so excited in daily life often seem to become causes of stress in a professional context. At this year's iT.CONnect — the conference for decision-makers in the SAP industry— many of the 120 participants were able to rediscover the magic hidden in technical innovations. 

"Ooh-bi-doo, I wan'na be like you. I want to walk like you, talk like you, too."

Markus Kammermeier (Head of HR Solutions) acted as moderator at this year's annual iT.CONnect, held on November 15th and 16th 2018 at the Hotel Asam, Straubing, Germany. Taking the Jungle Book earworm as his starting point, he demonstrated that although lots of businesses like the idea of the new opportunities offered by technology, they are often frightened of taking that first step. Why should we join the digital transformation and how can we do so successfully? These were among the many questions that T.CON's team, partners and customers answered at iT.CONnect. The participants enjoyed two days of enriching insights for their personal digital strategies and discovered lots of unexpected ways to optimize their processes.

In his opening speech, Norbert Kytka(Head of Customer Service Center) set the situation out clearly for the packed room. He gave an entertaining overview of T.CON’s tangible, innovative solutions for improving efficiency and turnover.

The ‘Rubik’s cube of the future’ offered a surprising new perspective. Using this new format, participants could select 6 modules from a choice of 24 topics, which they then used to learn about individualized solution approaches for their specific business. Talks covered themes relating production, maintenance, procurement, and logistics — but also presented solutions targeted at management, sales, product development and Cloud solutions. “This innovative format is ideally suited to enable people to learn about the exact topics relevant to digital strategy for their own company”, said one participant, before turning their attention back to the talk.

Internationally leading business philosopher Anders Indset gave an inspiring keynote, with tough statements urging sustainable thinking: “The biggest threat for our planet is the assumption that someone else will save it.” He brought together the past and the science of technology of the future in a masterful performance. In his call to create a society with ‘designers of change’ and ‘curators of empathy’, he identified ways that we can come to terms with our fast-moving times. He tackled his topic with humor and kept his listeners engaged with witty comments such as “What we need is sit-ups for the brain”.

The first day’s activities were topped off with a thoroughly successful evening event. During the four-course dinner, magician René Frotscher kept the guests fascinated with his conjuring tricks. The evening entertainment also left time for conversations and discussions between the iT.CONnect guests and the T.CON team.

The next morning, Markus Kammermeier addressed the topic ‘Digital transformation — discovering new potential and opportunities’, with an introductory speech followed by a panel discussion. Processes have to adapt to the increasing complexity of their environment. This megatrend is hard to get our heads around, but what are the opportunities behind it? In Markus Kammermeier's presentation, he talked about approaches towards the right digital strategy. These were subsequently discussed among a heterogeneous panel from from different industries and business fields. Prof. Dr. Stephan Scheuer, Professor for Business Informatics at THD, summed up the underlying thread that ran through the discussion: “Digitalization is not just a topic for IT, it's a cultural issue.” During the panel discussion, no firm definition of digitalization was agreed upon, but the panel did conclude: “We will all become digitalizers!”.

In their presentation, ‘illusions and visions’, Karl Fuchs (Managing Director) and Thomas Blöchl (Business Unit Manager MES) gave a clear outline of how SAP envisions the Intelligent Enterprise of the future, taking the technical transformation into account. Cloud systems give intelligent businesses added value hitherto not dreamed of — with the goal of developing an ‘Automated Enterprise’ aided by artificial intelligence (AI). The speakers demonstrated the extent of the rapid technical progress using the example of how the price and performance of memory cards have evolved over the last ten years, and comparing this to cars: If the same trend were applied, a brand-new sports car with 258,000 HP(!) would now set you back a mere €19.60.

To wind up the two days the participants had spent admiring the wonders of the latest technologies, the ‘Back to Reality’ talk fromElisabeth Hötzinger (Head of Competence Center S/4HANA) emphasized that these developments are not just future dreams: they are already reality. In conjunction with various T.CON colleagues and our customers Schreiner, Interprint and Munich Airport, she gave illustrative examples of opportunities and innovative projects that it has already been possible to implement using S/4HANA 1809, alongside the added value of T.CON’s innovative solutions.

Finally, Markus Kammermeier summed up the two days at iT.CONnect: “What was purely magic to start off with should now become reality. Don't just sit and wonder: You can be a part of this.”

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling