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RISI Asian Conference

RISI’s Asian Conference and T.CON are both celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. The annual conference will take place in Shanghai, China from May 22nd until 24th 2019.

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  • Discover our innovative solutions for the pulp and paper industry at RISI's Asian Conference.
  • Meet face to face with T.CON’s experts for discussions about digitization.
  • We are proud and happy to have our long-term customer Hubert Tsang, CIO of Pacific Textiles, there with us. As a textile producer and part of the mill industry, Pacific Textiles faces a number of the same challenges as pulp and paper producers.
  • Join our event highlight and find out how to leverage digital technologies with T.CON's trim optimization solution TRIM SUITE on Thursday May 23rd at 1:30 pm. We're delighted to announce we will be hosting a breakout session at the RISI Conference, together with our partner, Hubert Tsang. As CIO of Pacific Textiles, he will be explaining how he as a customer tackled his trim optimization challenges. He will demonstrate first hand, how our full-scale optimization application TRIM SUITE for the creation of patterns and cutting plans for goods in the form of reels and sheets, helped boost his business. Afterwards T.CON's TRIM SUITE product owner Gerhard Göbel will go into more depth as to how TRIM SUITE can optimize your production using an SAP based application. See the full conference agenda here.

The industry event is a great chance to discover new and emerging topics, find out about industry trends, explore the exhibition floor and expand your professional network.

Our team will hold live demos, where you can find out firsthand how we support our customers with our solutions custom tailored to the mill process industry: Our Manufacturing Execution System MES CAT, our trim Optimization tool TRIM SUITE and our industry template SMART FOR MILL.

As you can see there is a great agenda lined up for you.  You don’t want to miss it. Arrange a meeting with our experts on site and contact us here.

We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai!

Visit us at our booth and discover the following topics:


MES CAT is an intuitive, web-based Manufacturing Execution System. Developed with SAP software tools, users benefit from the seamless integration into SAP ERP. It enables real-time and exact recording of production information, such as feedback on production performance. The real-time overview of production progress and status as well as multilingualism round off this tool.



T.CON’s TRIM SUITE is the world’s first tool to run natively and fully integrated in SAP. It is fully featured as well as integrated into your work process. TRIM SUITE creates and compares results within seconds, it is easy to use and can maximize savings by defining costs for various aspects of production, including material loss, knife changes, storage or yield.



T.CON SMART FOR MILL covers all operating processes for producers of rolls and sheets—starting from development, then through procurement, production, sales, shipping... all the way to integrated accounting. All functions are customized for your branch. The solution gives you a clear overview of your business at any time, in the form of flexible and customizable reports.


Our experts on site

Bradley Robb

International Business Developer

Gerhard Göbel

Senior Consultant

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