10th anniversary of T.CON's VAR partnership with SAP

Great reason to celebrate: For ten years, T.CON is a Value Added Reseller of SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG. Time to look back on this special partnership.

Plattling, December 16, 2022

We have reason to celebrate! The year 2022 has been a very special year for T.CON, as it marks the tenth anniversary of the moment when the company, laid the foundation for a particularly faithful VAR partnership together with SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG. This is a good opportunity to look back on an outstandingly successful decade.

The abbreviation VAR stands for Value Added Reseller. These are companies that, thanks to their specialization, can offer customers solutions with unique added value. With the help of such VAR partners, SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG can flexibly serve smaller and midsize companies in particular and respond more closely to their individual needs. The partners are an important component of SAP's strategy. An IDC study forecasts that SAP partner business will grow to $260 billion by 2024.

Thanks to its extensive industry knowledge, T.CON is a reliable partner for SAP user companies in the mill industries. However, T.CON offers customized solutions that precisely address special requirements not only in the paper and sheet production sector, but e.g. also in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors.

"SAP system house": a quantum leap for us and our customers

Customers benefit significantly from the VAR cooperation with SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG which was signed in 2012. "As a so-called SAP system house, we have since then been able to offer complete solutions from a single source. Before that, it always required the additional input of third parties," recalls T.CON expert Herbert Neckermann, who was largely involved in concluding the contract at the time. "The start of the VAR partnership thus marks a real milestone in the company's history - both for our customers and for T.CON itself."

This results in the advantage that T.CON can provide companies with a holistic service package. The offering ranges from the sale of SAP standard software and licenses, SAP software implementation, and the possible development of suitable additional software to the maintenance of SAP standard software and support for customer systems. This enables seamless support, facilitates communication between SAP experts and customers, and always focuses on one thing: achieving your goals and meeting your needs.

Your SAP Gold Partner for the highest level of service

With T.CON, founded in 1999, companies have an experienced contact partner with unique consulting and process knowledge far beyond the mill industry. In addition, the company, headquartered in Plattling, Bavaria, is certified as an official SAP PartnerEdge Gold Partner. As such, its services are evaluated annually in a points system and recognized for particularly high standards.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling