Bavaria’s SIEgER 2013 Award

T.CON and t.serv Are Given the “Best Practices Company of Lower Bavaria” Award by Christine Haderthauer (Bavarian Minister of Labor, Social and Family Affairs, and Integration), Highlighting their Role as Regional Role.

Plattling, July 18, 2013

Plattling, 07/15/2013  – Together with partner company t.serv AG, Plattling-based SAP developer T.CON GmbH & Co. KG made a strong impression on the judging panel at the SIEgER 2013 competition. So much so, in fact, that the company won the “Best Practices Company” award for medium-sized businesses in the administrative region of Lower Bavaria.

A total of 111 companies from all over Bavaria participated in the “SIEgER 2013 – Equal Opportunity at the Workplace” competition, with this year’s theme being “Work-Life Balance!”.

“Today’s skilled workers – both women and men – want to work in a family-friendly environment and consider this to be an important priority when looking for a job. In fact, they not only attach importance to the amount of money they will be making, but also to flexible working hours and a truly family-friendly atmosphere at their workplace. Our SIEgER competition clearly demonstrates that many companies are aware of this and have made every effort to provide their employees with attractive conditions that make a good work-life balance possible. And when they make people their highest priority, these companies not only get the best individuals out there to work with them, but also stand out in the job market and gain a competitive advantage in today’s world of global competition!” commented Christine Haderthauer, who is not only Bavaria’s Minister of Labor, Social and Family Affairs, and Integration, but also the Bavarian State Government’s Equal Opportunity Commissioner and a patron of the SIEgER competition. [1]

Haderthauer continued: “111 institutions, firms, companies, and professionals headquartered in Bavaria competed for the award, and every single one of them showed that they knew just how important a family-friendly work environment is. This means that they are perfectly positioned for the future.” [1]

Seven regional juries made up of representatives from Bavarian trade and business groups, unions, and ministries of economic affairs visited the facilities of each of the competitors to personally find out just how family-friendly they were, after which they chose 41 regional best-practices companies. Based on this selection, the SIEgER jury, made up of Christine Haderthauer (Bavaria’s Minister of Labor, Social and Family Affairs, and Integration), Alfred Gaffal (President of vbw – The Bavarian Industry Association), and Matthias Jena (Chairman of the Bavarian Chapter of the Confederation of German Trade Unions), awarded three companies with the “Bayern-SIEgER 2013” award on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria on 07/15/2013. There was one award each for the “small business,” “medium-sized business,” and “large enterprise” categories, but all of them shared one thing in common: The companies that won the respective awards had all made an extraordinary and exemplary commitment to providing their employees with a family-friendly work environment. 

[1] Source: Press release issued by the Bavarian Ministry of Labor, Social and Family Affairs, and Integration on 07/01/2013

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