Corona crisis: T.CON is prepared and continues to provide reliable support to customers

The global effects of the corona virus on everyday life are massive. Here at T.CON, we make the health of our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners a priority. At the same time, we face up to our responsibility to continue to provide reliable support for business-critical systems at many companies.

Plattling, May 25, 2020

Project work is also continues to run smoothly at T.CON. Thanks to our organizational structure, which is characterized by networks, neither our customers nor we as a company need to fear that problems will arise due to the absence of important key players, or that entire departments could be paralyzed.

Together with our customers we build SAP solutions that will ensure their future competitiveness. We hands-on support our customers when it comes to current issues, such as the SAP implementation of measures such as short-time work compensation.


Working remotely is established practice at  T.CON

Thanks to the nature of our business, we are in the very fortunate position of being able to provide the vast majority of our services remotely. In the areas of development, support, and managed services, we have mostly been working remotely anyway. In other areas, such as consulting, we are increasingly relying on virtual formats such as video conferencing in order to continue to conduct workshops and such.


As a consulting firm, we are already accustomed to this decentralized form of collaboration.  This is why we now are able to continue to ensure smooth business operations. We support customers and partners in the usual way. If necessary, we define together with them how the cooperation can function optimally even from a distance. 


We're tackling this together

It should be in all our interests to slow down the spread of the virus. Early March, we therefore instructed all our employees to refrain from non-essential travel and, if possible, to switch to home office. Employees who belong to the risk groups defined by the authorities must work from their home offices.

In addition to the general rules of hygiene, which each individual should observe, there are also recommendations from public authorities. At T.CON, we pay close attention to compliance with these rules and recommendations.

At T.CON we often say that we form a team with the customer. This is all the more true in this extraordinary situation. With this in mind: Stay healthy.

Let's get in touch.

Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling