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Leonardo is SAP’s latest technological achievement. Big data, the Internet of Things and machine learning are three of the most important components of the innovation system Leonardo. But what exactly is Leonardo?

Plattling, April 4, 2018

Discover SAP Leonardo - T.CON

The latest technological achievement by SAP is called “Leonardo Innovation Services“. It is not a new product but rather the bundling of innovative technologies. Most of the services are cloud-based and support latest trends in digitisation as e.g. Big Data, IoT, blockchain or machine learning. In addition, so-called Design Thinking Workshops support companies in identifying requirements and implementing their digitisation projects. This should help companies develop new business models on their own. Leonardo da Vinci, Italian universal scholar, who had already designed aircraft and solar collectors 600 years ago, gave the innovation system its name. Faster innovation and less risk – this is the promise SAP makes to its customers with Leonardo.


The Mission

“Intelligently connecting people, things and businesses“ is SAP’s mission statement and reflects the strategic orientation of the SAP SE company. The software provider wants to help its customers to stay competitive. The ERP system represents the digital core which is surrounded with an innovation layer. This is necessary to quickly react to constantly changing market conditions. What is meant by these buzzwords in detail? And what are the concrete solutions offered by SAP?

  • Intelligently 

In addition to big data, predictive analytics and the data hub as a data governance solution, the focus here is on artificial intelligence and on machine learning. SAP’s aim is to equip all its solutions with self-learning algorithms in the coming years. Many processes can run automatically in this way and users must intervene only in exceptional cases. For the remaining tasks, users are supported by the CoPilot digital assistant. It can be used via chat or voice control.

  • Connecting 

In the SAP world there are many on-premise and cloud applications, from S/4HANA to SuccessFactors and Ariba. Orchestrating these and creating integrated processes, taking security and compliance into account, is a challenge. Together with the SAP integration solutions, it is easy to master.

  • People 

SAP’s user-friendliness has taken a big step forward with Fiori. But this is not the end of the development. In the future, applications can be operated via various channels such as chatbots, voice and virtual reality. Furthermore, bringing together and connecting users, customers and partners in internal systems and processes, is becoming increasingly important. All in all, this is referred to as the digital experience.

  • Things 

Everything that can be networked in any way is networked. In private surroundings, these are the refrigerator, the washing machine and the heating; in the company all machines and systems. The Internet of Things is the corresponding buzzword and what one often hears in this context. Already for some time with the most important digitization trend of all. With IoT services as a platform and standard applications such as predictive maintenance, SAP offers a comprehensive and mature solution portfolio.

  • Businesses 

Every technology is useless if it does not at least increase the efficiency of processes. In the context of digitisation, however, there is much more at stake: companies want and have to build up new business models and completely rethink and redesign processes in order to stay competitive. Among other things, easy-to-use-APIs and microservices such as those provided by SAP in the API Business Hub also help here.

Today, companies clearly feel that a challenging time, marked by changes and many opportunities is imminent. With SAP Leonardo’s comprehensive and forward-looking portfolio, you are optimally equipped for this.
In the next articles of our Leonardo series we present the solutions for Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning in detail.



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