Expertise in the paper, film, packaging and textile production industries: SAP SE recertifies T.CON’s sector competence

SAP SE has once again confirmed T.CON GmbH & Co. KG’s excellent sector expertise for the mill industry in Germany. T.CON was awarded the “SAP Recognized Expertise” certificate for the category “Mill products for Germany”, testifying to the SAP Gold Partner’s superb competence when it comes to developing mill industry solutions based on SAP software.

Plattling, February 24, 2021

SAP Recognized Expertise for the Mill Industry - once again, T.CON's know-how in the field of paper, packaging and film has been honored.

The mill industry covers the foil, paper, board, felt, textile and metal industries. “We are proud to have received this recognition from SAP SE”, says Thomas Blöchl, one of the managing directors at T.CON. “It testifies to our process expertise, which is rare even from an international perspective, and our competence producing solutions for reel and sheet production.”

Expertise and solutions for the mill industry

SAP awards the “SAP Recognized Expertise” certificate to partners with impressive industry-specific or solution-specific expertise. There are currently over 22,000 SAP partners specialized in various industries across the globe, and over 4,400 partners with SAP Recognized Expertise listed in the online SAP Partner Finder directory. There are only four other consultancies who can boast an industry certification equivalent to T.CON’s.

An example of how T.CON puts their knowledge to use is their ERP package “SMART FOR MILL”. The consulting expertise and individual components included in the package cover the business and economic processes for producers of reels and sheets. T.CON builds on standard SAP tools, adapting them to best meet the requirements of the mill industry.

T.CON also works with SAP SE to develop specialized tools which complement the SAP standard with functions customized for the business needs of this industry: MES CAT for production, TRIM SUITE for trim optimization, ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK for documenting shifts – and more.

Integrated package covers all business processes

T.CON is able to offer on-premise solutions and cloud tools for digitalizing all process steps in the mill industry. The SAP partner covers cost estimation, procurement, planning, production, quality management, maintenance, sales and shipping, right through to integrated HR and accounting. The T.CON experts also offer, in the form of SMART FOR MILL, various tools and apps that can make life much easier for IT projects needing to adapt the SAP standard to meet industry-specific requirements. The company’s portfolio is completed by compact add-on solutions, for example for form generation and printing in reel and sheet production.

Plan and produce new products more quickly with the help of SAP® Recognized Expertise

Due to changing consumer preferences and new regulatory standards, many mill industry businesses are currently facing huge changes. For example, plastic packaging is gradually being replaced by raw materials such as paper. In other areas, change is driven by issues like the need to adapt product portfolios to the circular economy, or efficiency requirements for energy management. “Our tools help mill industry companies to tackle these challenges successfully”, explains Saša Mihajlovic, Business Lead for T.CON GmbH & Co. KG’s “Mill Production” unit. “They can plan more efficiently, and rapidly integrate new recipes or materials into fully digitized production processes, all while keeping a clear view of the economic effects. In this way, we offer our customers a real added value and help ensure that the industry is oriented towards the future.”

The “SAP Recognized Expertise” award is issued as part of the SAP PartnerEdge program. SAP partners must meet high standards in order to receive the award. These include proof of industry expertise. The partner must also have successfully carried out a specified number of customer projects in the sector.

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