How to manage a complex paper production fully automated and integrated in SAP

Have you ever wondered, how a rather small company can run a highly complex production planning and production execution with a small team fully on SAP basis – without any interface to third party applications?

Plattling, June 14, 2023

Together with German paper manufacturer Feldmuehle GmbH and ASUG (American SAP User Group), digitalization our experts share their mutual approach to success as well as worthwhile learnings from our project. Explore what the project team has in common with the animation series character Bob the Builder and experience how it gets achievable to convert the topic of Trim Optimization from a pain point to a fun and integral part of production planning inside SAP.


Your webinar hosts will unveil the benefits of including Trim Optimization (cycles on paper-machine, trim of free stock) within SAP’s production planning applications and how running a successful production on MES level can look like with SAP technology. Our guest speaker from Feldmuehle Katja Koeppe (Manager Production Planning) and the T.CON team will give a wide array of insights.



In this webinar we will:

  • Explore PPDS-based planning and T.CON's TRIM SUITE for reliable production at Feldmuehle Uetersen
  • Show you how to benefit from TRIM SUITE's optimized cutting plans and efficient free stock consumption
  • Show you how to execute automatic multi-level planning with SAP solutions 
  • Demonstrate the look and feel of a modern manufacturing execution system, MES CAT

This insightful webinar is now available on T.CON’s website as video-on-demand. Make sure to check it out.

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