Integration, stability, flexibility: New software package for digitizing production systems

At today’s launch of the International SAP Conference for Mining and Metals in Madrid, T.CON is introducing its new suite of tools for digitizing production: MES SUITE.

Plattling, September 27, 2022

SAP Conference Preview

The central component of the package is T.CON’s MES CAT, a manufacturing execution system built on SAP technology. Developed in-house by T.CON, the new MES SUITE offers a string of modules that can be integrated into the MES to supplement the core manufacturing execution component, including inventory management, analytics – and more. The bundle includes a mix of on-premises and Cloud apps to help enterprises boost digitization in their production systems and production-related processes. Solutions for trim optimization, maintenance, workforce scheduling, shop floor management and others are all perfectly tuned to MES CAT.

All software included with T.CON’s MES SUITE is fully integrated in SAP. That means that enterprises can guarantee business-critical functionality such as production management by building it into an offline-capable on-premises system, while extensions can be implemented quickly and flexibly from T.CON’s “Cloud 4 Production”: these include tools such as WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT, ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK, etc.

“Locking together the various components, an organization can completely digitize its production with integrated end-to-end processes”, explains Karl Fuchs, representing T.CON’s management. “Our modular system means that every company can select the software and tools for the pathway and rhythm best suited to their business and digitization trajectory, whatever their specific needs and requirements are.”

T.CON customer offers insights into a cyberattack

T.CON will not only be presenting its optimized solution for digitization in manufacturing enterprises: the consultancy will also be offering a series of talks at the conference. One of the highlights of the series is a detailed insight into what happened during a cyberattack on the CPH Group, one of T.CON’s customers. “It’s a fascinating example”, says Stefan Fiedler, CIO at T.CON. “We’ll be explaining how the attack happened, how the T.CON experts spotted it, and what role they played in restoring business-critical systems.”

Another talk by T.CON customer Koehler Paper will explain why developing a fully integrated IT landscape based on SAP technology is key to being able to respond quickly and effectively to new market requirements and adapt to unforeseen events – and, ultimately, to retain a market position as a world-class paper manufacturer. Koehler Paper has partnered with T.CON to systematically progress its digitization strategy over the last twenty years. The enterprise now has a strong and stable core landscape, supplemented by carefully targeted extensions, partly based on Cloud technologies. The focus of the talk will be explaining how complexity, stability and agility can be intertwined to create optimum support for the company’s core business.

“The International SAP Conference is a must for us”, says Karl Fuchs. “In particular, because of its core themes relating to the paper and packaging sectors. We have been working with the paper industry since 2002. For us, it’s a fantastic opportunity to share our SAP knowledge with SAP user companies and expand our own expertise through exchanges with other top SAP experts.”


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