Karl Fuchs among Top 25 Software CEOs in Europe and in ‘The CEO Magazine’

The information service ‘The Software Report’ has just published its ranking of the “Top 25 Software CEOs of Europe for 2021”. This year, Karl Fuchs is among the top 25 CEOs who are driving digitization and software development in Europe in 2021.

Plattling, November 30, 2021

Insights into Karl Fuchs' motivation and way of working are provided by an interview recently published by ‘The CEO Magazine’. The article mentions Karl’s favorite saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Reading the piece provides insights into how this motto shaped the expansion of T.CON and how it still forms the corporate culture of the SAP Gold Partner. 

The business magazine for executives is read every month by a quarter of a million readers in 37 countries. The article with Karl Fuchs briefly introduces the company’s background and then focuses on the importance of good teams – particularly for handling technically complex problems in a corporate environment. “Nearly every company is going digital,” explains Karl. “And that leads to completely new business models and corporate processes. Our job is to help them improve and expand their operations on a solid and flexible digital foundation.”

SAP systems have increased in complexity

The technology available today to achieve that is worlds away from that of 20 years ago. “When we started, you’d have one integrated SAP system, one installation. So nearly all the processes were in that one system,” Karl recalls. Nowadays, companies will have a huge bundle of systems for analytics, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, finance and production, and they all need to work together seamlessly. That means that there is an enormous increase in complexity in the projects.

New business models are also bringing new challenges. “Companies these days no longer have their systems entirely on-premise. One part will be in the cloud, another part with a third-party provider, one part installed at the hosting partner,” explains Fuchs. It takes a team to find the best potential solutions in these complex landscapes: read more details in the article, along with other insights into T.CON’s corporate culture, which has evolved precisely to foster the collaborative approach.

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