Partner Presentation with SAP and Model AG at the RISI ICC

Join us at the RISI International Cardboard Conference from November 4th to 6th. Find out how our solutions act as value drivers to give you the competitive edge and discover latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the containerboard markets.

Plattling, October 21, 2020

Partner Presentation with SAP and Model AG at the RISI ICC

Our personal highlight of this year’s virtual RISI ICC conference is our partner presentation together with SAP and Model AG on the topic of how “Digitization drives Sustainability and increases Efficiency in an ever-evolving market”. We are proud to have Alfred Becker (Global Lead - Solution Management for Plastics, Paper, Packaging Industries at SAP®) and Christian Baum (Team Leader Business Applications at Model AG) share their valuable insights during this presentation.

Alfred Becker will outline macro trends, why it is crucial to adapt and how these efforts can be driven by Digitization. Christian Baum will establish how Model AG challenged the transformation to a circular economy – using digital tools from T.CON. You will also learn how in modern production environments, Machine Learning (ML) enables machine and process data which is generated on a massive scale to be evaluated to fully exploit its potential.

You can easily engage with our T.CON’s experts anytime for discussions about digitization in the ever evolving packaging industry.

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