Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) by T.CON: Effective Production Scheduling and Automatic Availability Checks

Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) are SAP solutions that are offered at a fixed price, provide a clearly defined range of functionalities, and can be set up within a specific timeframe (usually 12 weeks).

Plattling, October 11, 2013

T.CON has recently been certified by SAP in two important RDS areas: effective production scheduling with RDS APS (Advanced Production Scheduling) and automatic availability checks with RDS GATP (Global Available-to-Promise).

T.CON’s Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) Rapid Deployment Solution will enable you to implement reliable and effective production scheduling, as well as to optimize your machine load utilization levels, warehouse stocks, and supply chain. Moreover, this SAP scheduling management solution can be implemented quickly, with the required timeframe normally consisting of 12 weeks.

Meanwhile, T.CON’s Global ATP (GATP) Check Rapid Deployment Solution uses a variety of automatic availability check mechanisms in order to provide you with a clear overview of whether a customer order is feasible. In other words, it is designed to enable your sales team to agree on reliable delivery dates with your customers. This SAP scheduling management solution can also be implemented quickly, with the required timeframe normally consisting of 12 weeks as well.

The short SAP video below shows how you can optimize your company processes with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, as well as the prerequisites that need to be met in order to implement them quickly.


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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling