Rise with SAP: New routes to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

RISE with SAP is a bundle of products and services put together by SAP SE bringing together a range of applications, tools and new ideas in the cloud. Companies who use it immediately benefit from the whole package of options at their fingertips as they mark out their path to becoming intelligent enterprises.

Plattling, May 12, 2021

Rise with SAP: new routes to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

An enterprise aiming to go digital must understand that the digital transformation isn't just about technology. As an SAP Gold Partner, we recognize that technology is just one corner of a triangle: it needs to be carefully balanced and harmonized with processes and people.

SAP CEO Christian Klein likewise takes a holistic view of the digital transformation. He understands it's not just about technology. “Many companies believe that embracing the digital transformation is as simple as migrating to the cloud or purchasing new technology,” he writes. “They neglect to realize that if a business is to make real changes to its procedures, the enterprise needs new business models and smarter processes.”

The right answer is to take a big-picture approach to the digital transformation. This approach needs to tackle the whole value chain, every department in the company, and encompass both internal and external factors. But how does a company make a success of the transition to an intelligent enterprise?

Process analysis tools and procedure models

Of course, the details of every company's journey are different. However, for SAP SE one thing is clear: the role of the cloud is becoming increasingly important. One of the core elements of the new SAP package RISE with SAP is the relocation of SAP ERP installations from on-premises into the cloud. The package includes an option of operating an SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management System on one of the major hyperscalers – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

That's not all that's in the package, though. Other modules include – to mention a few – process analysis tools, migration tools and procedure models. “Using RISE isn't just about implementing technologies: it's about redesigning business models and processes from the ground up,” explains another of SAP's top executives, Jan Gilg, President of SAP S/4HANA.

“Business Transformation as a Service”

Effectively, the package brings together the key building blocks for digitalizing business processes and models and building modern IT architectures – all in one handy bundle. SAP CEO Klein likes to describe it as “Business Transformation as a Service”.

RISE users benefit from the direct link to the SAP workflow, robot-controlled process automation and other services based on artificial intelligence (AI), all designed to make it easy to seamlessly integrate intelligent functions into their business processes. To date, however, comparatively few companies are making use of these innovative tools.

RISE with SAP encourages experimentation

RISE with SAP comes with customer credits included – the enterprise can use these for included services such as AI, analysis or low-code functions. The credits give the users a chance to try out the services without any financial risk.

What does RISE with SAP mean for companies?

As one of SAP SE's SAP Gold Partners, we naturally find ourselves working intensively with RISE with SAP. The bundle gives enterprises new, attractive options as they map out their pathway into the digital transformation. This new package replaces some elements of the existing SAP portfolio, as well as extending the options offered by SAP Partners (such as T.CON's Managed Services portfolio covering hosting, operation, and application maintenance).

For example, companies who – perhaps due to some peculiarities of their system – previously had to use on-premises applications can now make use of a mature SAP S/4HANA system running on a cloud-based hyperscaler. This can be used to dock specialized apps that previously could only be operated on-premises. All in all, the numerous components bundled together in the RISE package, and the credit system that enables users to test modules out without incurring any significant risk, have hugely simplified the route to technological diversity.

Major potential for enterprises

In the light of all this, we firmly believe that RISE with SAP has real potential for our customers and other end-user enterprises. For example, up until now, companies treading the path of digital transformation have had to obtain all their different SAP products and services separately, and it is often very difficult to see the wood for the trees. According to a recent survey carried out by the ASUG, 88 percent of companies currently feel that the SAP landscape is simply too complex and they struggle to make the right decisions.

This new “kickstart” package is about creating the ideal conditions for customers to experiment, while at the same time ensuring that all their various business requirements are met. As a certified SAP Gold Partner, we offer our customers support and advice to help them exploit the potential of RISE to the full, while at the same time not losing sight of important issues such as investment security for their cloud products.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling