SAP DemoJam Award for T.CON: Innovative solution with SAP HANA, SAPUI5 and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Plattling, January 26, 2016

Taking the third place in the SAP DemoJam competition at TechEd in Barcelona, SAP Gold Partner T.CON confirms its capability of meeting extraordinary challenges within a very short period of time with innovative, intuitive and practicable solutions. Based on SAP HANA and OpenUI5, the open source version of SAPUI5, a team of developers comprised of T.CON employees supported by an external business analyst and an IT specialist developed an SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile application called "smart-e" in just 36 hours. This modern and easy-to-use app helps private households to conserve power and reduce energy costs. It provides consumers with information on the power grid load, enabling them to utilize periods with a lighter load to charge batteries and therefore saves money.  

"Only the most innovative SAP solutions are presented with the SAP DemoJam Award. Our third-place win shows that T.CON implements innovative, user-friendly solutions for uncommon business needs based on new SAP technology like SAP HANA, SAPUI5 and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform which promise the highest value for businesses while our developers follow very tight schedules," commented Norbert K├Âlbl, Head of Innovation and Technology at T.CON GmbH & Co. KG.  

As a finalist in the SAP DemoJam competition (traditionally a highlight of the SAP TechEd), the T.CON development team had just 6 minutes to convince the crowd in Barcelona of the advantages of the smart-e solution in a live demo. The SAP Gold Partner had to compete against five other teams. The requirement for competing was a prior participation in the SAP InnoJam, where each team had 36 hours to develop an innovative, functional and pioneering app for a task, which was revealed shortly before the competition began. The best six teams, T.CON among them, qualified for the SAP DemoJam.  

Watch the impressive presentations by calling up the link below: The smart-e app demo begins at 31:50.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling