SAP form templates for flexibility and efficiency

It’s not yet possible to go completely paperless on the shop floor, in the warehouse or even in admin. T.CON’s FORM TEMPLATE can help produce the paperwork you need. It offers efficient tools for using, changing or creating new forms in the SAP standard.

Plattling, March 15, 2021

SAP form templates for flexibility and efficiency

Although lots of value chain steps have now been or are in the process of being digitized, most enterprises still need paper in some places. For example – on the shop floor, where perhaps you need labels for the material flow through company, or in the warehouse, when you generate delivery notes. The “print first” rule is also frequently in use for order confirmations, pick lists, invoices, or travel expense documents and other internal paperwork.

Full SAP integration: using forms for efficiency

Companies that use printed documents to complement their digital processes often store their templates as forms in their SAP system. These can be previewed in the SAP system, printed, issued as PDFs or sent by email. Once created, a form can be reused as often as you need it, and this streamlining boosts efficiency.

However, these printouts, and therefore the form templates that create them, must get everything right: they must be legally sound, yet have content and design customized to your business. After all, every form, whatever its purpose, will be looked at and will send a message to the person looking at it. Your goal: documentation for customers and suppliers must be completely correct, the text comprehensible, and the layout should follow your corporate identity.

Adaptation in SAP: new forms with zero effort  

Change is part of daily life in every business. Companies constantly have to adapt for new laws, new products, new units or names, different languages, and so on. If you need to draw up a new form every time, or adapt one in the SAP standard, you may be faced with considerable work.

Enter T.CON’s FORM TEMPLATE, a clean, visually appealing “out-of-the-box” template package for your SAP system. It contains some 20 forms specially developed for use cases in manufacturing companies. Each of them has been tailored to meet the needs of the mill industry – for example, pre-configured roll dimensions for paper or film production.

The package is based on the underlying T.CON form framework, which also makes it easy to create new forms. The forms are based on the future-proof standard SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.

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