T.CON and Aicomp deepen their partnership

Aicomp’s and T.CON’s solutions benefit packaging manufacturers through industry collaboration.

Plattling, March 25, 2022

T.CON and Aicomp deepen their partnership

For almost 10 years, the Aicomp Group and SAP Gold Partner T.CON GmbH & Co. KG have been working together to implement ERP solution projects for the packaging market, with Aicomp as leading provider of ERP solutions in the packaging industry and T.CON as an internationally active SAP consulting company with a focus on manufacturing companies. Collectively the two companies are now advancing their successful collaboration through a sales and implementation partnership with the goal of offering an inclusive ERP solution from a single source.

As a full-service SAP provider, T.CON is a specialist in setting up digitally integrated end-to-end processes in manufacturing companies. One focus of T.CON's SAP SE-certified expertise is on surface manufacturing, the mill products in the SAP Industry Solution Portfolio, and in particular the areas of paper, film, and coating. T.CON focuses on comprehensive SAP standard modules as well as industry solutions for planning and production optimization. As an expert in complex SAP product configuration and SAP cloud solutions, Aicomp specializes in ERP industry solutions for the packaging market. Their primary focus began with corrugated board packaging (boxes, sheet and displays) and eventually expanded to include folding carton and flexible packaging. This is all possible due to their software product VCPowerPack, which facilitates everything from product configuration through costing, pricing, and finished goods material creation.

Together, T.CON and Aicomp benefit their customers by offering a solution that is already integrated in the SAP product configuration, offering their customers fast turn around time for quotation requests, improve efficiencies, and optimize production for waste reduction.

Integrated solutions are trending in the packaging market

"We have recognized for some time that the market, especially in the packaging industry, there is increasing demand for integrated solutions. We are convinced that the products and solutions offered by our two companies ideally complement each other, and that we can offer our customers real added value based on their SAP systems," explains Jens Hennecke, CEO EMEA at Aicomp.

"The aim of the partnership between these two highly specialized companies, since they do complement each other perfectly, is to provide packaging manufacturers with end-to-end processes - from order to incoming payment on a system platform that is fully integrated with SAP," says Saša Mihajlović, Head of the Paper and Packaging Production Business Unit at T.CON.

In addition to dedicated SAP expertise, predefined industry logics and processes, both partners bring a range of highly specialized software products to their partnership that complement the standard SAP portfolio.

Aicomp is expanding their software solution portfolio with an SAP ERP add-on called VCPowerPack with is utilized for real-time configuration and costing, and the SAP Sales Cloud from the SAP C/4HANA portfolio for customer relationship management. T.CON brings their TRIM SUITE software for waste optimization to the collaboration, which is used for paper, milled production, and corrugated board production, as well as an MES CAT for production execution and support production planning and control.

Best practice solutions that can be adapted as needed

"In order to provide more packaging manufacturers with a secure path to digitalization, our partnership will include the development of further preconfigured and fully integrated best-practice solutions - in other words, genuine solution packages that can be flexibly adapted to individual customer requirements as needed and with manageable effort. We are focusing on end-to-end industry-specific process optimization in conjunction with rapid implementation scenarios," says Christopher Stangl, head of the Discrete Manufacturing business unit at T.CON.

"The deep integration of these market-leading software products into SAP ERP enables packaging manufacturers to build specialized total solutions that guarantee high reliability and, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, allow agile scalability for future market and production requirements. Real-time data exchange and the ability to receive and process data without any manipulation are very significant. In addition, the maintenance effort is minimized by eliminating interfaces to external services," says Jeroen Koopman, CEO Americas at Aicomp.

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