T.CON Focuses on Three Key Activities at CeBIT

Product Costing in SAP ERP, Sales Planning in SAP NetWeaver BW, and HR in the Cloud with SuccessFactors

Plattling, February 18, 2014

SAP channel partner T.CON GmbH & Co. KG will once again participate as an exhibitor at this year’s CeBIT in Hannover (March 10 – 14, 2014). The Plattling-based IT service provider will be showcasing its portfolio of solutions and consulting services at SAP booth C04 in Hall 4, with the focus being on product costing, sales and production with rolling sales planning, and strategic HR work. Each of these will revolve around a different system, with the first relying on the PLC Cockpit in SAP ERP, the second on SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW), and the third on the cloud solutions provided by SAP company SuccessFactors. In fact, it is worth noting that T.CON distributes and implements the latter’s SuccessFactors HCM Suite.

The PLC Cockpit (where “PLC” stands for “Product Lifecycle Costing”) is an ABAP-based add-on that contract manufacturers can use to quickly and efficiently do the costing for new parts and components. This IT solution, which is integrated into SAP ERP, is intended for businesses that need to meet the demanding transparency requirements involved in the cost breakdowns (CBDs) used by automotive industry customers. In fact, it enables users to easily, flexibly, and transparently calculate all the cost components for a new part throughout its entire lifecycle. Moreover, it provides reliable ratios and indicators that make it possible to make an informed decision regarding a project’s profitability, and also comes with the option of simulating and comparing different production and procurement scenarios. Finally, the PLC Cockpit ensures that all information will be immediately available to all authorized employees, making it the ideal alternative for businesses that to date have relied on other IT tools to prepare their customer CBDs in SAP ERP.

Among the other products that will be showcased at the booth, T.CON will be presenting an easy-to-use application for sales and production that enables users to enter data for rolling sales planning and that is based on SAP NetWeaver BW’s integrated planning components (BW-IP). This new application makes it possible to quickly and conveniently enter the actual data, ratios, and indicators needed for planning purposes, after which SAP NetWeaver BW can use them to calculate the corresponding planning values and automatically run a plan/actual comparison. In this case, the front-end tools for entry and planning in SAP NetWeaver BW are the tools included in SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx): BEx Report Designer, Web Analyzer, Excel Analyzer, and Web Application Designer. In addition, the application makes it possible to get recommended planning values by combining forecast methods with the historical actual data in Business Warehouse. Moreover, it can use planning data for simulation purposes (e.g., for “what if” scenarios in requirements planning) and compare forecast values with actual data. Finally, once planning is complete, the application consolidates the results and passes them directly to SAP ERP for master planning purposes.

In addition to these two solutions, visitors at T.CON’s booth will get the chance to see how the SuccessFactors HCM Suite can be used to automate and streamline HR management processes and find, develop, and retain talent more easily. In order to achieve this, the cloud suite comes with sophisticated solutions for the following: HR management, organizational process management, HR process management, recruiting, talent management, and succession plans for management positions. T.CON combines these powerful tools with years of experience and unmatched expertise and know-how in SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) consulting and implementation, putting the company in a perfect position to create customized solutions designed to make strategic HR work as painless as possible – regardless of whether in the cloud, on premises, or with a hybrid model.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling