T.CON is extending its shareholder circle: new joint owner Eva Heuer

T.CON GmbH & Co. KG has a new joint owner: Eva Heuer joined the board of shareholders as of January 1, 2022.

Plattling, February 25, 2022

T.CON is extending its shareholder circle

Eva Heuer is the Lead for HR, Organizational Development and Corporate Culture on T.CON’s Management Board. She will continue to inhabit this role.

For over twenty years, T.CON has been advising businesses tackling digital transformation themes in key business processes. Its core competency is digitalization using SAP software and the consultancy is an SAP Gold Partner. “Sustainable corporate development is very important to us”, explains CEO Karl Fuchs, who is the spokesman for T.CON’s Management Board. “As the founders and shareholders of the company, we need to start thinking at an early stage about how we can strategically transition the enterprise to maintain a stable, forward-looking position. We took the first step in 2019, when Thomas Blöchl joined us as a shareholder. We’re delighted now to be welcoming Evi as our first female shareholder.” 

Entry in HR department

Eva Heuer, now 41 years old, came to T.CON in April 2002. She held various HR-related roles at the company before being promoted to Head of HR Services in October of 2017.

In January of 2019, Heuer joined the Management Board as People and Culture Lead. In particular, she was deeply involved in the internal transformation of the company into an agile, network-based organization with a flat hierarchy.

“Evi has made an invaluable contribution to the evolution of our corporate culture on the basis of our principles of freedom and responsibility – the culture that underpins our success in this sector,” says Karl Fuchs. “We are delighted that her drive and energy will now be helping to move us forward as an organization and a business from this new position, and that she will continue to play a central role in T.CON’s evolution.”

Emphasis on corporate culture and growth

One of the core tasks to which Eva Heuer will be directing her energies is the continued expansion of T.CON’s workforce. “We work in a very dynamic business environment, and we have ambitious goals,” she says. “To achieve these, we need to be building up our workforce by recruiting the best talent out there, and we need to ensure that our corporate culture, which is all about individual initiative, agility and self-organization, continues to permeate every aspect of our company. We want every individual to keep growing and developing. I see it as part of my role to develop the framework to allow that to happen in our fast-growing organization.”

Besides Heuer, T.CON has four other joint owners, all members of the Management Board: namely, company founders Karl Fuchs, Stefan Fiedler and Michael Gulde, plus Thomas Blöchl who became a shareholder in 2019. 

As a member of the Management Board, Eva Heuer will continue to be responsible for HR, Organizational Development and Corporate Culture. Karl Fuchs is the company CEO and spokesman. Michael Gulde, CFO, is responsible for overseeing the company’s finances. CIO Stefan Fiedler is the IT and Infrastructure Lead. As Chief Operations Officer (COO), Thomas Blöchl heads up Operative Business at the consultancy.

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