T.CON – Where SAP meets paper, film and packaging: Get to know us

We guide businesses through the digital transformation and help them gain competitive advantages and market benefits. Find out in this video why we are the right partner for the next steps towards the Intelligent Enterprise – especially for companies in the paper, film and packaging industry.

Plattling, April 27, 2021

Years of dedication to the mill industry has forged our mill industry expertise. Our T.CON team of experts has had roots in the paper industry for decades. The competence we developed through numerous demanding projects for mill customers is truly one of a kind. In the video linked below, you can get to know our team and why we are so thrilled to support you with the best SAP system for your needs. 


SAP SE agrees and has awarded us the certificate “SAP Recognized Expertise in the mill products industry in Germany”. With our combination of process and SAP know-how, we understand companies in the industry and offer target-oriented consulting services. Our wealth of experience is also reflected in pre-configured industry solutions and templates. With our MES CAT we create transparency on the shop floor in real time and ensure the uncomplicated connection and networking of all machines and aggregates (Internet of Things / IoT). Our SAP add-on solution SMART FOR MILL supports all key processes of mill companies and secures the investment. With our unrivaled TRIM SUITE, we ensure economical cutting planning and cost-saving cutting optimization.

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By weaving our knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry into SAP, we unify people, processes, and technology on the same technological platform. Our drive is to provide our customers the platform and support to enable them to achieve operational excellence in the realm where SAP meets mill.

Watch the video from our team to get to know us.


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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling