T.CON's tips for project managers launching MES projects

A manufacturing execution system (MES) is about creating transparency on the shop floor. These days, manufacturing businesses simply can’t manage without one. However, getting a MES up and running can be a complex project. T.CON’s guidelines can help you through the process.

Plattling, March 9, 2023

MES Whitepaper

Although lots of processes in other departments have now been digitalized, production often remains something of a black box. In many companies, production is only partially digitalized (or not at all) and there is no clear picture of what’s happening where on the shop floor: whether the items that have been produced match the plans, and what the production setup was (e.g. in terms of quality and resources).

A manufacturing execution system (MES) is used for managing, monitoring and controlling production in real time. T.CON’s MES CAT, now a tried-and-tested product with over fifteen years under its belt, creates transparency for this core link in the value chain.

Link between planning and production

It acts as a hub linking the planning and production levels, by connecting the ERP system to the actual machinery and plants. This creates transparency. Every production step can be matched with a corresponding value creation step, and you can see exactly how production costs break down and where money is simply being hemorrhaged.

However, installing an MES is a major project and not without costs in terms of time, money and resources. Good preparation can help to reduce the risks inherent in this essential project. Our whitepaper, “10 ten tips for your MES project”, is intended to give project managers and other stakeholders the best possible preparation for the challenges of a MES project.

Our collection of concrete tips may include some things that sound obvious but be aware they can make all the difference between a successful project and one that never gets off the ground. The whitepaper represents the distilled wisdom accumulated through dozens of MES projects and fifteen years of experience with our own MES tool, MES CAT, developed here in-house.

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